Inti Creates: Nintendo eShop Sales and New Year wallpapers

As part of the upcoming New Year sale, the following games will be on sale on the Nintendo eShop in Japan, from January 1st to January 14th:

  • [Switch / 3DS] Blaster Master Zero (IntiCreates): 686 Yen (instead of 980 Yen) [10]
  • [Switch / 3DS] Mighty Gunvolt Burst (IntiCreates): 686 Yen (instead of 980 Yen) [10]
  • [Switch] Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack (IntiCreates): 3 920 Yen (instead of 4 900 Yen) [60]

If you live in North America, a similar sale will go live on January 1st, and will run until January 14th:

  • [Switch / 3DS] Blaster Master Zero (IntiCreates): $6.99 (instead of $9.99) [10]
  • [Switch / 3DS] Mighty Gunvolt Burst (IntiCreates): $6.99 (instead of $9.99) [10]
  • [Switch] Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack (IntiCreates): $31.99 (instead of $39.99) [50]
  • [3DS] Azure Striker Gunvolt (IntiCreates): $5.99 (instead of $14.99) [20]
  • [3DS] Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (IntiCreates): $5.99 (instead of $14.99) [20]
  • [3DS] Gunvolt: The Anime (IntiCreates): $2.09 (instead of $2.99)
  • [3DS] Mighty Gunvolt (IntiCreates): $1.59 (instead of $3.99)

And if you live in Europe, Inti Creates decided there would be no sale, because you’ve been way too naughty in 2017 to deserve one… ok, that’s a lie: the games listed above were already on sale during the past two weeks, until yesterday in fact!

Naturally, the Nintendo eShop Sales page has already been updated with those new sales!

Finally, here’s not one but three New Year wallpaper from Inti Creates (various sizes available on their website!):

Source: Gamer / Inti Creates



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