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Indie news (May 12): Battle Sports Mekuru trailer and JP date / Singaporean indies on Switch

Today’s Indie news: trailers and Japanese release date for Battle Sports Mekuru (Project Mekuru), but also…

  • Singaporean indies
  • Alchemic Dungeons
  • NBA Playgrounds
  • Petite Games

Battle Sports Mekuru (Project Mekuru)

Today, Over Fence announced that Battle Sports Mekuru (Project Mekuru) would be released on May 18th in Japan (that’s next week!), where it will cost 980 Yen. For more details about the game, make sure to check out this post!

Here’s a couple of trailers:

Battle Sports Mekuru (Project Mekuru) (Switch – eShop) will be released on May 18th in Japan, and this Summer in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Singaporean indies

Today, 8 indie studios from Singapore announced they were planning to make games for the Nintendo Switch:

  • Daylight Studios
  • Gattai Games
  • The Gentlebros
  • PD Design Studios
  • Rotten Mage
  • Springloaded
  • Tyler Projects,
  • Zengami

Most of those studios only got to meet Nintendo for the first time in February, during the second annual DigiPen Game Conference. It looks like Nintendo’s effort to court indies isn’t limited to just European and North American game studios, which is a pretty good thing… there’s talent to be found in many countries!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like those studios are going to release anything for the Nintendo Switch any time soon, since they made the announcement today…

Source: DigiPen Game Studios
Thanks ArtHands for the heads up!

NBA Playgrounds

Today, Saber Interactive announced they were working on an update for NBA Playgrounds, in order to improve the game. They also announced that additional players (such as Kley Thompson) were coming to the game as well, and would be available for free. More details about the update and the DLC characters will be revealed at a later date.

Source: Saber Interactive

Alchemic Dungeons

Developed by Q-Cumber Factory (the developers of Ninja Smasher! and Rogue Ninja), Alchemic Dungeon is a rogue-like with accessible controls. If you’re wondering what the “alchemic” bit in the title refers to, it’s the ability you have to combine various items in order to craft armour and other items, that will help you get the upper hand on enemies.

Here’s a few screenshots:

Alchemic Dungeons (3DS – eShop) will be released this month in Japan, and will be playable at the Tokyo Indie Fes this week-end. Circle Ent. has confirmed that there will be a European and North American release. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: Gamer

Petite Games

Here’s two more screenshots for Petite Games’ next game:

Source: Petite Games (Twitter)


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