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Indie news (April 1st) – Primary Shift / Omori

Today’s Indie news:

  • Primary Shift
  • Nefarious
  • Omori

Primary Shift

Primary Shift is an action-platformer in which you need to control the colour of the background in order to progress through the levels. The game is set in a really colourful school, with school supplies as platforms, and numbers as enemies.

It features:

  •  Platforming action
  • Color shifting mechanic
  • 4 different types of level objective
  • 40 challenging levels (okay, first few are easy)
  • Replay value: beat your best times in time trials

Here’s a trailer for the game:

Primary Shift is coming out later this year, on Wii U.


Yesterday, Josh Hano (developer of Nefarious, which is coming soon to Wii U) posted another Kickstarter update, and revealed some new character portraits.

Here they are:

Click here to read the Kickstarter update!


Omori is a surreal exploration/horror RPG coming “soon” to the Nintendo 3DS. This morning, the developers posted an update on Kickstarter, in order to give a progress update. Unfortunately, due to a memory leak and sound lag in RPGMaker MV, anything that needed to be programmed in terms of level design had to be halted. After all, it wouldn’t do to have to redo entire sections because the update fixing the issues with RPGMakes MV created compatibility issues.

The Nintendo 3DS version will be released sometime in 2017, along with the Japanese translation. Since the developers really want the game to feel complete when it is released, and that they keep thinking of more ideas that will improve the game, they’re not giving any release date for now (which is certainly for the best).

Click here to read the full Kickstarter update, with even more details about what the developers have been up to.


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