Inazuma Walker Vol. 03 – Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code 03, livestream recap

Update: Inazuma Walker Vol. 04 is now available: click here to check out our recap, along with a new Pilot Film / Trailer for Inazuma Eleven Ares, footage of the new mobile game, and more!


As announced last month, the third episode of Inazuma Walker was streamed live today on YouTube and NicoNico. If you missed it, the full recording is now available on YouTube! For the third episode of Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code, you will find it just below!

During the first segment, they showed more fan drawings for the character creation contest they held last year. Here’s the various characters they showcased:

The second segment was the usual segment where fans watching the livestream were invited to vote for something that would end up in Inazuma Eleven Ares. It turns out that this time around, it was the finale of the character contest. They had selected 4 characters beforehand, and it’s characters C and D thatwon the popular vote:

The third segment was the usual anime episode vatching, with comments from the show’s crew. This time around, the special guest was Megumi Tano, who voices Sakuma Jiroi. The episode they all watched together is Episode 21, “Fierce Battle! Kidokawa Seishuu!!”.

During the next segment (the 4th one), fans were once again invited to share their memories of the series. But this time around, things were a bit different: they could “ask” a question directly to the characters themselves… even the goal got one!

For the fifth segment, they watched another retrospective for the anime series, this time focusing on Kageyama Reiji (the coach of Teikoku Gakuen), and Teikoku Gakuen.

Naturally, it was to prepare for the third episode of Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code! This episode is called “Teikoku Gakuen no Shin Kantoku”, lit. “The New Coach of Teikoku Gakuen”. Make sure you watch it before reading below, as spoilers can be found!

In this episode, Kageyama Reiji was supposed to be in prison, but it looks like something called “The Ares Rehabilitation Program” allowed him to get out. That’s how he managed to become the “new” coach of Teikoku Gakuen. As for Fudou Akio (Caleb Stonewall in the dub), he joined Teikoku Gakuen. As for Kazemaru Ichirouta (Nathan Swift in the dub), he also joined Teikoku Gakuen, but only as a support member.

Finally, a special event was announced: Inazuma Eleven Valentines 2017, which is to be held on Twitter from February 10th to February 17th. Basically, fans will be able to send “chocolate” to their favorite Inazuma Eleven characters (as drawings, pictures, etc.).

To participate, all you have to do is send a tweet with:

  • the name of the character you want to send it to (as a hashtag)
  • where you’re from
  • the kind of chocolate you’d like to send
  • #InazumaElevenValentines2017 as hashtag in your tweet (in Japanese)

While technically, anyone in the world could participate, this event is obviously for Japanese fans first and foremost, so everything needs to be in Japanese.

The next episode of Inazuma Walker (the 4th one) will be livestreamed on March 24th, at 8PM JST (one hour earlier). It will be a White Day Special, which means they will most likely showcase some of the tweets they received during the campaign mentioned above.


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