Ice Station Z: details, changelog, and trailer for Ver. 1.2

A few weeks ago, Wobbly Tooth announced they were working on another udpate for Ice Station Z, their open world survival action game for the Nintendo 3DS. And on Wednesday, they finally shared some details about the update, which will include quite a lot of new elements.

This update will bring Ice Station Z to Ver. 1.2, and will add new locations, new items and vehicles, some special weapons (that decay after they’ve been used a certain amount of time), new features such as multiple players being able to ride a vehicle, various bug fixes and improvements, and more. That’s quite the meaty update!

About the special weapons, the reason there’s no ammo types for them is because the developer thought it would unbalance item spawning. Basically, those special weapons are just there for fun, which is why they decay after 20 shots. The only exception is the flame thrower, which can be repaired.

Here’s the trailer showcasing the new features elements from Ver. 1.2:

And here’s the patchnote for this Ice Station Z update:

  • Added location oil rig.
  • Added location crashed spaceship.
  • Added location caves.
  • Added Dog Sled.
  • Added new Boat. 
  • Added Snow Plough.
  • Added Ray Gun at secret location.
  • Added Flare Gun at secret location.
  • Added Flame Thrower at secret location.
  • Added ability to ride as a passenger in most vehicles.
  • Added ability to knock down zombies using vehicles.
  • Added exterior shadows to all buildings.
  • Added collision to all trees.
  • Added ‘exclusion zone’ around vehicles to stop other players taking them.
  • Improved bridge model and added more trees.
  • Improved Snowcat model.
  • Improved snowcat/snow plough engine sound in multiplayer.
  • Improved footstep sounds inside buildings in multiplayer.
  • Improved server browser menu (shows 15 games now).
  • Fixed bug where player sometimes wouldn’t take hunger/freeze/thirst damage while in a vehicle.
  • Fixed bug with goose not being picked up properly in singleplayer.
  • Removed rifle zoom affecting durability.
  • Fixed problem with unwanted rifle zooming in multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue with game chat when returning to title screen.
  • Fixed repair item exploit.

Naturally, you will need to update Ice Station Z if you want to keep playing with other players, as multiplayer in Ver. 1.2 is not compatible with Ver. 1.1.

This new update for Ice Station Z will be released on March 1st.

Source: Wobbly Tooth (Miiverse)



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