Hyrule Warriors: secret character to be unlocked in the latest DLC

Yesterday, the final DLC Pack for Hyrule Warriors was released in Europe and Japan (while north american players have to wait until March 12th). It includes two new game modes (as well as some new challenges), including one where you get to play as Ganon. But there’s a secret a character that neither Koei-Tecmo nor Nintendo mentionned: you need to do something in order to unlock it.

If you want to find out who (or what) it is, click on Read more. If you want to avoid spoilers, that’s as far as you go!

The secret character for Hyrule Warriors is a Cucco. That’s right, a Cucco. For many people, it is by far the most terrying monster animal in the entire Zelda series, and for good reason: one hit too many with your sword, and the sound of their flapping wings will cover your shouts as you writhe in agony. In LonLon Ranch, nobody will hear you scream. But the Cucco isn’t just any old Cucco: it’s a giant Cucco. To unlock it, you need to beat the level Beast Ganon Survival Lv3 with S rank.

Here’s a video of the giant Cucco terrorizing an army of poor, defenseless bokoblins frozen in terror:

Good luck going to sleep, tonight.

The Boss Pack for Hyrule Warriors will come out on March 12th in North America.


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