Hive Jump (Wii U) finally approved for release

It’s the end of a long journey for the team at Graphite Lab, who just announced that Hive Jump has finally been approved for release on Wii U. All the issues encountered during the certification process have been fixed, along with others they uncovered along the way. But even though the game is ready to be released, the team still has some things to do, such as prepping Nintendo eShop materials, and more.

The developers will share more regular updates over the next few weeks, leading to launch, starting with the release date next week.

As for a possible Nintendo Switch version, and why they didn’t cancel the Wii U version like so many other indie developers, Graphite Lab had this to say:

You know, we got a lot of feedback telling us to give up on the Wii U version. With the Switch release being so successful, it may have seemed like a better move to pull a “switch’em” (pun intended) and change platforms. Why didn’t we? Because we know there are still over 800 of you that are excited to get your Hive Jump keys on Wii U and we didn’t want to let you down. We want to see you jumping hives and blasting bugs with the rest of the backers.

Will we bring Hive Jump to Switch? We don’t yet know. Our next item of business is to get you some physical rewards that we owe ya!

Oh, and about possible additional content, Graphie Lab clarified that they have no major update to announce at this time. Right now, their focus is on making good on their commitments to the Kickstarter backer. After that… who knows what could happen!

Hive Jump (Wii U – eShop) doesn’t have a release date yet.

Source: Graphite Lab (Kickstarter)



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