Harvest Moon: Skytree Village – 3 new bachelors revealed

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village may not be part of the original Harvest Moon series (now known as Story of Seasons in the West), but its main gameplay elements are more or less the same. For example, you can still date various characters, marrying them, and even have children with them.

Yesterday, Natume sent a press release to detail three of the new bachelors you will be able to date and marry in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. We have:

  • Dean: a big hearted and strong man. He really loves flowers, which is something he got teased for as a kid. He came to the village with his mother Carol in order to plant a mysterious seedling his (late) father left to them. He works as a florist, just like his mother.

“If you listen to flowers closely, they will tell you just what they need. Give them what they ask for, and they’ll blossom beautifully!”

  • Cyril: a dashing aristrocrat, who comes from a pretty prestigious family. He’s described as a serious, but forgetful and gullible man. As an extremely straightforward and honest person, he’s always trying to do the right thing.

“All I can offer is the earnest pledge of a gentleman to do my bit with a stiff upper lip and a tally-ho!”

  • Gabriel: he’s the oldest son of Sofia (the livestock keeper), and the Michael’s older brother. He’s pretty shy, and has trouble talking to people. He loves animal so much, you can see it in literally everything he does.

“I don’t express myself well… It takes me a long time to find the words.”

Here’s what those bachelors look like:

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village (3DS) comes out later this year in North America, and in Spring in Europe.

Source: Natsume


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