Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – Details on the farming enhancements

A few weeks ago, Natsume shared some details about Harvest Moon: Light of Hope in a “Feature Spotlight” on Facebook. And today, the producer of the game shared a second one, this time focusing on the farming enhancements found in this new entry from Natsume’s own Harvest Moon series (separate from the original one, no longer called Harvest Moon).

With this game, the development team focused on speeding up gameplay: the producer explains that players will be able to till, sow, and water crops faster than ever.

There’s also a major new feature called the Farming Friend. Despite the name, it’s actually a mere icon that appears after you sow, water, or fertilise your crops. What’s its purpose? It tells you if you’re raising your crops at their full potential. It also displays what crops you will be harvesting exactly, which is pretty handy in case you forgot where you planted what.

Finally, if there’s a ? over crop you’ve already harvested, that means you have succeeded in producing a mutated crop.

Here’s the second Feature Spotlight video for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, focusing on farming enhancements and the Farming Friend:

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (Switch) does not have a release date yet.

Source: Natsume


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