Garden In! (cozy garden sandbox) to take root on Nintendo Switch early next year

Looking for a cozy and relaxing sandbox game where you can grow lots of plants? Then Garden In! (developed by Dramatic Iceberg and published by Bonus Stage Publushing) might very well be the game for you! It’s launching in early 2023 on Nintendo Switch.

Here’s a trailer:

In Garden In!, everything with starts with a single room and a small selection of seeds The more combinations you try, the more your seed library grows, and the more plants are available to you. Of course, there’s also various rooms to unlock by progressing through the game, too!

Here’s some more details and some screenshots:

The game starts in one room in which you are tasked to decorate to your liking. Your room is basically a perfect little sandbox in which you can move furniture around, paint the environment, and most importantly: grow plants. A lot of plants.

At first you have a few seeds available, you can plant them in soil, water, rocks, and you have a few pots to choose from. But as you advance, combine different seeds and try out different growing conditions, your seed library will grow and grow, until you are the most advanced horticulturist in the world. You also unlock new rooms and areas by playing the game further.

It’s Easy to Grow a Plant in Garden In! Choose a pot, put some soil in it, and finally plant a seed. The journey can start! Each plant is unique and has different needs. All they need is time, love, and caring — they’ll grow strong and beautiful.

Combine the seeds to get New Ones! Bring two seeds together inside a hybridization pot and watch how the power of love creates a new bud! Try and discover all the different combinations to complete your herbarium.

Decorate Your House! Use the many seedlings at your disposal, arrange the environment as you like and make yourself at home.Besides gardening, customize rooms by changing their colors and background; put yourself in the mood.

Garden In! (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet, but is slated for an early 2023 release in Europe and North America.

Source: Bonus Stage Publishing PR / Bonus Stage Publishing (Steam)


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