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Gamefly: Darksiders coming to Wii U?

Last month, we learned from Reinhard Pollice that Nordic Games had another Wii U game in the works, one that “Action Adventure fans will enjoy”. And it turns out that this mysterious Wii U game may well be Darksiders (the original entry, only available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC so far).

Very recently, Gamefly started listing Darksiders for Wii U on its website (as spotted by Hero of Legend).

Unfortunately, no official announcement has been made so far, and the game doesn’t seem to have been rated in Europe or Australia yet. However, there’s almost no doubt this is the game teased by Reinhard Pollice a couple of weeks ago on Twitter. After all, Nordic Games does own the Darksiders franchise (they bought it after THQ went bankrupt, a couple of years ago), and this is indeed an Action Adventure game.

No doubt we should be getting an announcement in the upcoming days/weeks, most likely at GamesCom (August 17th to August 21st). With the official announcement, we will get proper details about the game, including any possible changes/improvements compared to the original version, the studio behind this Wii U port, and more.

Source: Gamefly
Via: Hero of Legend


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