FUSER: even more free DLC tracks this week

Harmonix have announced that two more DLC tracks for FUSER will be released this week. Even better: both will be available completely for free, no strings attached! You will be able to download them from Thursday (July 29th)!

The two DLC trakcs are:

  • “Crystal Beach” by The Lingala Sound

“Crystal Beach” by The Lingala Sound offers a collection of spectacular summer sounds for your Crate! There’s a punchy kick drum within the drum disc, accompanied by soft shaker sounds and island-inspired tom hits that help keep the energy high. The lead vocal disc seems to float atop the rest of the musical arrangement.

The bass disc and lead instrument disc work well with each other. Their soft-but-consistent synth hits mirror each other and help to provide additional textures to the track. This collection of sounds is wonderful when heard as a complete piece, but the individual discs hold the power to assimilate to your next mix masterpiece!

  • “Loop Pack 11” by TK Sun

“Loop Pack 11” by TK Sun brings the genius of this promoter directly into your Crate! The track is overflowing with unique sounds you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the FUSER festival. The lead instrument disc sounds like it could be from an earlier era, using stringed instruments to deliver its musical message. The bass disc offers a groovy bassline using electric piano sounds which will be an exciting opportunity to use audio effects to manipulate this classic-sounding instrument.

The drum disc shows a certain type of restraint and while it’s not what you’d traditionally expect to hear from a drum disc, it’s a thrilling chance to reconsider the utilization of percussive hits in your mixes. The main line from the vocal disc is perfectly produced, occupying the high-end space of the track and opening up space for other elements.

Source: Harmonix



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