Fossil Fighters Frontier coming out on May 29th in Europe

Fossil Fighters Frontier is the third entry in the series, and the first one on Nintendo 3DS. It was released last year in Japan, and last month in North America, but still isn’t out in Europe yet. Today, Nintendo has announced that the game would eventually come out next month in the EU, on May 29th!

Nintendo of Europe just made the announcement via Twitter:

It’s quite an important event for European players, as the series has never come out in Europe before. The first one was localised in English, but never reached the European shores (it only came out in Australia for the PAL region, along with North America). The second game was only released in North America, and didn’t even make it to Australia.

Fossil Fighters Frontier, the third entry in the series, will therefore be the very first Fossil Fighters game to be officially released in Europe!

Source: Nintendo


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