Fire Emblem news (July 6): Fire Emblem Heroes glitch (Log-in bonus) / Sohei Niikawa (Nippon Ichi Software)

Today’s Fire Emblem news: minor glitch impacting Fire Emblem Heroes, but also…

  • Sohei Niikawa (Nippon Ichi Software)

Fire Emblem Heroes

Yesterday, the latest major update for Fire Emblem Heroes was released. It brings the game to Ver. 1.5.0, and adds quite a lot of new features (click here for the full rundown, if you need it!). Unfortunately, the update also added a (pretty minor) glitch, that can prevent you from receiving the Log-in bonuses.

Fortunately, there’s a pretty easy way to fix it: quit the app and launch it again, or simply go back to the Title screen. Naturally, the developers are planning to fix this glitch in an upcoming update, to be released soon. And as an apology, all players will receive a little goodie at a later date (probably some bonus Orbs or Hero Feathers).

Source: official Twitter account


Sohei Niikawa (Nippon Ichi Software)

Sohei Niikawa is the president of NIS America, but also the creator of the Disgaea series. For those who never heard of it before, Disgaea is a series of Strategy RPG, pretty much like Fire Emblem. And it turns out that its creator, Sohei Niikawa, is a pretty big fan of the Fire Emblem series, as revealed during an AMA session on Reddit yesterday.

Here’s his answer to a fan asking what other non-Nippon Ichi Software series he enjoyed:

Fire Emblem Fates on 3DS. The old Neo Geo games on Switch.

And when he was asked what was his favorite RPG, he answered this:

I always play the new Fire Emblem games!

By the way, he’s far from being the only game creator that love Fire Emblem… Hisashi Nogami also does! You would think he’d have a soft spot for Animal Crossing or Splatoon, but he basically considers those two as his children, so he couldn’t really choose between the two!


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