Fire Emblem news (July 1) – Fire Emblem: Three Houses / Merchandise

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Last week, the official website for Fire Emblem: Three Houses was once again updated, but like last time, there isn’t anything really new that was not covered in previous reports about the game.

That being said, this update does bring a few interesting tidbits, such as short video clip showcasing Teacher Trainer:

Also, we got a few tidbits about two features we still know very little about: amiibo and online.

  • amiibo: if you tap a compatible figure, you can get items and various other rewards. It’s not clear which ones are compatible just yet, but the fact that not all of them are implies that the compatible figures are only those of Fire Emblem characters). amiibo can be used at a place called amiibo Gazebo, located at the Garreg Mach Monastery;
  • Online: if you’re connected to the internet, other players from all around the world will show up at the Garreg Mach Monastery as “Exchange Students”. It looks like there’s quite a lot of things you can do by talking to them, including buying and selling items. It’s not clear whether those students will have exclusive items to sell, but the website specifies that prices will be slightly lower than at regular shops. Do note that you will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to use the online features of the game.

Finally, here’s some screenshots from the official website:

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) comes out on July 26th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo


Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes out on July 26th, and there’s already merchandise on the way. Here’s pictures of some badges and acrylic stands releasing this August in Japan:

And here’s pictures of the second set of “Armory collecrion” keyholders, with the Ike’s Ragnell and Chrom’s Falchion:

Source: Famitsu / Gamer


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