Fire Emblem Heroes: notice about refined weapons that cannot be inherited (Weapon Refinery)

On Tuesday (Monday for those of you in North America), Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released a major update for Fire Emblem Heroes, that brought the game to Ver. 2.0.0. The main new feature of this new version, besides Book II for the Story Maps, is the Weapon Refinery. It allows you to improve weapons and weapon skills, and more (make sure to check out this post for more details).

Unfortunately, this update did bring a couple of issues with it, including inaccurate Weapon Skills descriptions. But that’s not all: because of this update, some weapons that previously could be inherited by other Heroes using Skill Inheritance can longer be inherited.

There’s two cases where this occur:

  • if Killing Edge+ is refined into Slaying Edge+, you cannot have any Hero inherit it unless they already have Slaying Edge (which is a pre-requisite for Slaying Edge+). The developers will change the skill, in order to make it so Killing Edge+ can also be used as a pre-requisite for Slaying Edge+ (instead of Slaying Edge);
  • if Assassin’s Bow+ is refined to Guard Bow+, you cannot have anyone inherit it because you need Guard Bow as pre-requisite… and that skill happens to be currently unavailable! To fix this, the developers will make it so Assassin’s Bow becomes the pre-requisite instead.

The developers specify that if a skill is inherited prior to refinement, then there will be no issue. The issue at hand only occurs if you try to inherit the skills listed above after refinement.

The fix for those issues will be included in the next update for Fire Emblem Heroes: Ver. 2.1.0. Unfortunately, we don’t know when it will be released…

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