Battle Chasers: Nightwar – Latest update about Nintendo Switch version

Yesterday, the developers of Battle Chasers: Nightwar shared the latest update about the Nintendo Switch version of the game. They reveal that with the help of Unity, they have made “significant breaktrhoughs”, and that they should have a build to submit to Nintendo very soon. They mentioned performance (which is “looking good”), and many bugs that have been fixed.

They also explained what’s next for the game, leading to release:

  • The build goes through THQNordic QA testing to prep for submission. We’re close to starting this process. 
  • Once approved internally, the build will go to Nintendo for certification. This step can take about 10 days. 
  • After approval by Nintendo, the game goes “gold” and THQNordic begins manufacturing and distributing the game. This is the longest phase, since it involves making the physical copies and getting them to store shelves for launch, and can take 6 weeks. We must release both physical and digital on the same day – so as soon as we can get it on the shelf, it’ll be fully launched.

Of course, it will definitely be worth the wait, as the Nintendo Switch version will benefit from numberous balance tweaks, bug fixes, and general polish… without the need of any update! 

Here’s some of the improvements included from the get-go on Nintendo Switch:

  • Further tweaking of the difficulty curve to reduce the need for grinding 
  • Elimination of level requirements on items: if you find it or make it, you can use it (this is a big one) 
  • Significant increase in NG+ difficulty 
  • The early game is being made slightly more challenging
  • Many elite creatures are being rebalanced to address difficulty spikes 
  • Gold penalty for death is being rebalanced so it’s less punitive early on when gold is scarce, and more punitive late game when gold is plentiful
  • and more…

Hopefully, a release date will be announced pretty soon!

Battle Chasers: Nightwar (Switch) does not have a release date yet.

Source: Airship Syndicate (Kickstarter)



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