Fire Emblem Heroes: new Summoning Focus, Gifts of Winter (Special Heroes)

On Tuesday (December 18th), the next Summoning Focus for Fire Emblem Heroes will go live. This one is called Gifts of Winter, bringing some more Special Heroes to the game (and more precisely Christmas-themed ones, something you totally saw coming from miles away!). It will run from December 18th to January 18th, leaving you ample time to try and get your favourite Heroes.

The Heroes from this Gifts of Winter Summoning Focus are as follows:

  • [5 ★ Focus] Fae, Holiday Dear (Green). Voiced by Sarah Blandy. Artist: Himukai Yuji.
  • [5 ★ Focus] Ephraim, Sparkling Gallantly (Blue). Voiced by Greg Chun. Artist: Asatani Tomoyo.
  • [5 ★ Focus] Eirika, Gentle as Snow (Colorless). Voiced by Kira Buckland. Artist: Asatani Tomoyo.

Here’s the trailer introducing this Summoning Focus and its Special Heroes (English and Japanese versions):

As usual, several things will go live at the same time as this Summoning Focus:

  • a new set of Story Maps, and more precisely a Paralogue Story called Gifts of Winter with the usual set of 3 maps
  • a new set of Quests related to that Paralogue Story;
  • a new set of Daily Log-in Bonuses, allowing players to get up to 13 Orbs.

Make sure to check out the Events and Content Updates and Characters pages to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!

Source: Intelligent Systems (Twitter)



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