Fire Emblem Heroes: issue with the Infantry Rush skill

Yesterday, a new Summoning Focus for Fire Emblem Heroes went live: Summer’s Arrival. Among the new Special Heroes, there’s Noire (Shade Seeker), who knows the skill Infantry Rush. Unfortunately, there’s a (rather amusing) glitch impacting this skill, which causes its effects to apply not just to ally units… but also the enemy!

This skill is supposed to have an effect on Infantry allies within 2 spaces, but the glitch is causing it to have an effect on ALL Infantry units within 2 spaces, regardless or whether they’re allies or not… and that’s definitely not something you want.

The developers provide two examples of common situations where the glitch can occur:

  • When attacking Noire (a foe that has the “Infantry Rush” skill), with an Infantry unit that has high Atk, the attacking unit will gain a faster cooldown.
  • When fighting within 2 spaces of Noire (a foe that has the “Infantry Rush skill), Infantry units with high Atk will gain a faster cooldown.

This glitch will be fixed in an upcoming Software update, to be released “during the next few days” (so not as part of the monthly update). In order to apologise for this issue, the developers will offer free Orbs to all players soon. More details will be provided in an upcoming notification in-game! More details about that Software update will be added to the Software Updates page as soon as it’s live.

As usual, make sure to check out the Events and Content Updates and Characters pages to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes



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