Fire Emblem Heroes: issue with Spd Feint skill (Tharja, Obsessive Bride)

On Monday, a new Summoning Focus bringing the latest set of Special Heroes went live: Bridal Bloom. It includes a new version of Tharja, called Tharja: Obsessive Bride, who has a skill known as Spd Feint. Unfortunately, this skill is impacted by a rather annoying glitch, that (fortunately) can be easily avoided.

Here’s what happens: when a Hero with both Spd Feint and a Rally skill moves and uses that Rally skill on a Hero with stats that have already been boosted, the Hero with Spd Feint sometimes disappears and cannot be controlled anymore (basically forcing you to give up the current battle).

Interesting detail: this glitch only occurs when you move the Hero by tapping. That’s why we said it could easily be avoided: you only need to drag the Hero instead to move them.

The developers are already working on a fix, that will be included in the next monthly Software udpate for Fire Emblem Heroes, to be released in Early June. We don’t know anything else about that update, but we should be getting the usual preview in the next couple of weeks!

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