Fire Emblem Heroes: details on upcoming events and features (new “survival” mode, more)

Early today (or late yesterday evening if you’re reading this from the United States!), Nintendo streamed a short presentation dedicated to Fire Emblem Heroes. It was the occasion for the developmers to introduce some of the upcoming events and features for the game.

Here’s the video:


The first thing that was showcased in this presentation is the new Summoning Focus and the two new events: click here for more details about them!

Another event went live today, on the official website: Omikuji (lit. “fortune telling”). You can click here to check it out for yourself, but be warned: the whole thing is only available in Japanese (sadly).

Here’s how it works:

  • you click on the big red button to start
  • you click on the orb to start the fortune telling
  • you click on the button below the characters to get your fortune telling
  • after that, you can either click the left button to re-roll, or the left button to add your fortune telling to your page (requires a Nintendo Account). You can save one each day (preferably the best one!), though it’s not clear what will happen when you’ve filled all the cases.

Here’s the various types of fortunes you can end up with:

  • 超大吉 (Supreme luck, Neutral)
  • 大吉 (Great luck, Special Attack)
  • 中吉 (Good luck, Attack)
  • 小吉 (Some good luck, Neutral)
  • 凶 (Bad luck, Damaged)

Depending on the day, the orb used for the fortune-telling is not the same:

  • Red: April 28th and May 2nd
  • Blue: April 29th and May 3rd
  • Green: April 30th and May 4th
  • White: May 1st and May 5th
  • Gold: May 6th and 7th

Now, you’re probably wondering… what’s the point of all this? Well, you can “unlock” various goodies, depending on the total amount of fortune tellings (for all users, not just your own). You also get a wallpaper if you decide to tweet the result of your fortune telling.

Here’s the various rewards:

  • 500,000 rolls: 2 orbs (already reached)
  • 1,000,000 rolls: 3 orbs (already reached)
  • 2,000,000 rolls: 5 orbs (already reached)

There’s also rewards unlocked based on the total number of 大吉 (Great luck) rolls:

  • 100,000 rolls: 500 feathers (already reached)
  • 300,000 rolls: 1500 feathers (already reached)
  • 600,000 rolls: 3000 feathers (already reached)

NB: the rewards stack up (so if all goals are reached, all players will get 10 Orbs and 5 000 Hero Feathers).

This fortune-telling event runs until May 8th, and the rewards will be distributed as special log-in bonus at a later date (after the event has ended). Don’t worry: you do not have to take part to get the rewards, if previous similar Japan-only events are to go by.

Next, it was announced that the Grand Hero Battle featuring Xander would go live on May 2nd, and you can see the layout of the map in the video above.

As for the next Voting Gauntlet event, it will take place soon, and will pit Male Mages  (Merric, Leo, Henry, and Male Robin) against Female Mages (Linde, Sanaki, Julia, Tharja). And to make things a bit fairer, the voting mechanic has been altered. Now, if you’re on the losing team for more than one hour, then your score will be multiplied by 3.

But that’s not all: there’s also some new features coming to the game. First, the Arena is getting a complete revamp: there will be a ladder system to replace the current ranking system. Victories allow you to climb one or several steps at once (though if you go down, you only go down one step no matter what). The higher you climb, you more Orbs you can get as reward.

What’s more, the developers are also adding new maps, with terrain effect. For example, there’s fortresses that protect your units and lower the amount of damage they receive from enemy attacks. In the video, we can see some of the new maps, including an Oasis.

Those changes for the Arena will go live on May 9th.

Finally, the presentation gave us a sneak peek at the “perma-death” mode that was teased a few weeks ago. In this survival-like mode, you will get to take part in several battles in a row (the video shows the player having to go through 7 of them), with only a certain number of teams (the video shows the player with 4). It looks like the difficulty level (Hard, Lunatic) determines the amount of battles you have to go through.

There will be rewards to unlock based on your score (such as 27 500 points for 500 Hero Feathers), such as 5 stars characters. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this new mode will be added to the game.

As usual, all the additions and new events will be listed on this page (and the May one, when it goes live)!

Thanks Exalgar for the fortune telling translations!


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