Fire Emblem Heroes: details about the next Software update, Ver. 2.6.0 (accessories, revamped Allies menu, more)

A few days ago, an in-game notification about an issue with the Spd Feint skill confirmed that a new Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes will be released in Early June (though this was no big surprise: there’s been one such update at the beginning of every month since the game launch, in February 2017!).

And today, the usual in-game notification gave us the usual pre-release details about the update. Once again, there’s some pretty big and welcome changes on the way, as you can see for yourself:

  • Heroes can now wear accessories
  • New weapon skills and options for the Weapon Refinery
  • The Allies menu has been revamped and expanded with new options
  • In Arena Assault, using Legendary Heroes or Heroes with blessings that match the season will increase your score
  • SP gained when leveling up will increase slightly, making it easier to learn skills.

Just like last time, there will be some maintenance just before the update is released: make sure to check out the Maintenance page for more details!

Fire Emblem Heroes – Hero Accessories

First, a neat new feature: Hero Accessories. From Ver. 2.6.0 onwards, you will be able to have your Heroes’ mini units wear various accessories, that other players will see in battle. Important note: this feature is exclusively for customizing the look of your Heroes, as their stats will remain unchanged! You will be able to get accessories by completing quests, taking part in events, and more.

Ahead of the launch of this feature, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are having a Retweet campaign, if the total number of Retweets for all 3 tweets below, then all players will get a Feh Doll accessory. But the thing is… the goal was reached with just the Japanese account, in a couple of hours (even before the European tweet went live). It’s not clear if there will be additional rewards now that the goal has been completely smashed.

Here’s the tweets to retweets:

Fire Emblem Heroes – Weapon Skills and the Weapon Refinery

As usual, this new update brings some new Weapon Skills and Weapon Refinery options. First, we have just one new unit-specific weapon skill (learnable at 5 ★):

  • Breath of Fog (Tiki: Dragon Scion; Tiki: Naga’s Voice)

Also, you will be able to strengthen the following weapon skills using Arena Medals and Divine Dew:

  • Aura (Linde: Light Mage)
  • Excalibur (Merric: Wind Mage)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Allies Menu Adjustment and Expansion

But the biggest change of Ver. 2.6.0 is the Allies Menu, which is getting completely revamped. For starters, each function has been put into related categories:

  • options related to strengthening Heroes (Level Up, Learn Skills, and others) > Ally Growth
  • options related to changing skills, seals, and accessories > Change Equipment
  • options related to bonds with allies (including Catalog of Heroes and Hero Merit List, previously under Misc.) > Interact with Allies

Ver. 2.6.0 will also add a new “Auto-Learn” function, which will be available in Learn Skills. With it, Heroes will use their accumulated SP to automatically learn available skills. If a Hero doesn’t have enough SP to learn all the skills available to them, then skills that fill empty slots will be learned first.

On the other hand, if a skill slot already has a skill equipped, a new skill for that slot will NOT be learned or equipped through Auto-Learn. For a new skill to be learned via Auto-Learn, you first need to unequip any skill in the target slot first.

But that’s not all: Ver. 2.6.0 will also introduce no less than 7 additional types of favourite marks to use for your Heroes. In the top left of menus where you select allies, you will be able to reorder your Heroes based on the mark you chose for them simply by tapping the heart icon. Unfortunately, this means you will no longer be able to sort simply by favourite.

And of course, since accessories are being added, you will be able to sort Heroes by their accessories!

Fire Emblem Heroes – Arena Assault Scoring Changes

Just like Ver. 2.5.0, Ver. 2.6.0 will make some changes to the Arena. This time, the changes apply to Arena Assault, and more precisely the scoring system. If your bring Legendary Heroes or Heroes with blessings that match the season, you will get +1 score for each Hero.

This particular change will go live with the new season beginning on June 12th, and will not affect the strength of enemy units. Also, the bonus will still be counted even if the Heroes are defeated during battle. By the way, to coincide with this change, the new season beginning on June 12th will offer slightly more Hero Feathers for Rank Rewards.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Easier Shards and SP

Thought this was all for Ver. 2.6.0? Wrong! The update will also make strengthening your Heroes easier thanks to two additional changes:

  • the amount of SP gained from leveling up has been increased
  • the amount of shards earned in the Training Tower has been increased

Fire Emblem Heroes – Home Screen Labels

If you’re a long time player, you’re probably used to the various icons on the Home Screen. But if you’ve only just begun playing, you may not be too familiar with them all… That’s why the developers are adding labels, allowing new players to more easily navigate the Home Screen.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Other Changes

Finally, here’s a list of misc. changes coming to Fire Emblem Heroes as part of the Ver. 2.6.0 update:

  • When logging in, the speed at which the Notifications are displayed has been increased;
  • If the results of an event have not been viewed, there will be a ! icon displayed on the corresponding event;
  • Future Grand Conquests will indicate the points earned for an area after battle;
  • The Weapon-type icon will be displayed for bonus allies in the Arena and Tempest Trials;
  • For Summoning events that begin after the update, the colours of the featured Heroes’ summoning stones will be displayed;
  • Heroes with Feint-type skills can have Rally skills used on them even if their stats have already been boosted. (Stat boosts from Rally skills will not stack, and each stat will have a limit on how much it can be boosted).

That’s it for Ver. 2.6.0! As usual, the official patch notes will be added to this page as soon as they’re available. Make sure to check out the Events and Content Updates and Characters pages to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!



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