Fire Emblem Echoes: JP website update (new characters, gameplay systems), footage, commercials

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Today, Nintendo once again updated the official website for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, providing details on some new characters (including the three Pegasus Sisters), gameplay systems, and more. There’s also some new footage and no less than 3 TV commercials to discover!

Let’s start with the new gameplay footage, which showcases leveling up and dungeon exploration:

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – System

The update to the System section of the website covers Mila’s Turnwheel, the feature that lets you rewind time in battle in order to cancel turns. To be more precise, it lets you rewin turns entirely (not just for a single unit, for both armies!). At first, you can only rewind 3 turns max., but you can increase that limit by various means (including a special item).

It also provides more details about “Training”: when they launch attacks against enemies, or heal teammates, characters get some XP. When they get enough, they level up, which sometimes allows them to learn some new skills.

Once a character has reached a certain level, you can visit a Mila Statue and change their class. Here’s the various possible class changes in the game:

  • Alm: Fighter > ???
  • Celica: Priestess > ???
  • Villager > Cavalier > Paladin > Gold Knight
  • Villager > Soldier (male only) > Knight > Baron
  • Villager > Mercenary (male only) > Myrmidon > Dread Fighter
  • Villager > Archer (male only) > Sniper > Bow Knight
  • Villager > Mage > Sage (male) OR Priestess (female)
  • Villager > Pegasus Knight (female only) > Falcon Knight
  • Villager > Cleric (female only) > Saint

Also, the website mentions that characters can hold one item each. Those can have various uses: they can restore health, provide a stats boost, allow a character to learn a special Skill, and more. Regarding weapons, you can go strengthen them at a blacksmith, but as you can imagine, it will not be free!

Regarding Skills, they can have various effects: they can deal lots of damage to enemies, deal various effects to enemies/teammates, and more. The number of Skills a character can equip depends on the weapon used, and you can also increase that number by leveling up.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Characters

The official website introduces some new recruitable characters:

  • Clair (voiced by Aya Endo, starting class: Pegasus Knight): the younger sister of Clive, and a member of the Deliverance. A beautiful and cheerful young woman who love to interact with people, no matter who they are. She can be a bit overbearing, but she doesn’t really mind;
  • Luthier (voiced by Atsushi Kakehashi, starting class: Mage): a Mage fully devoted to the art of sorcery, who doesn’t really care about people. He struggles to cope with his younger sister’s (Delthea) selfishness;
  • Delthea (voiced by Eri Suzuki, starting class: Mage): Luthier’s little sister, who is even more skilled at magic than her brother. But unlike him, she’s not really interested in being a Mage (which is probably why she can get pretty rebellious against him). She’s described as a bright and cheerful girl, a bit on the selfish side;
  • Palla (voiced by Risa Taneda, starting class: Pegasus Knight): the eldest of the three Whitewing sisters from Archanea, and a pretty mild-mannered, down to earth person who is always caring about her sisters. She’s also pretty stubborn, and never budge once she’s made a decision;
  • Catria (voiced by Hitomi Nabatame, starting class: Pegasus Knight): the middle sister of the three Whitewings sisters from Archanea, who often acts as a buffer between her two sisters. She has a cool and serious personality, and she rarely makes her own mind known;
  • Est (voiced by Rie Murakawa, starting class: Pegasus Knight): the youngest of the three Whitewing sisters from Archanea. She’s said to be pretty pure and innocent, cheerful and chatty, with a straight-forward personality. She often gets told off by her sisters.

The official also shares details about 3 other characters:

  • Rudolf (voiced by Takayuki Sugou): the 4th Emperor of Rigel, who has been standing on the battlefield since a pretty young age. He uses terror to rule, and as such, he’s feared by the people;
  • Berkut (voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki): the nephew of Emperor Rudolf of Rigel, and a pretty ambitious and prideful person. He wants to become the next Emperor, which is why he personally commands the invasion of Zofia;
  • Linea (voiced by Hibiku Yamamura): the daughter of a nobleman from the Rigel Empire, engaged to Berkut. She may renowned for her beauty, she’s a quiet and modest woman. She’s the one person that Berkut trusts without reserve; she loves him dearly and cares for him during the war.

Finally, here’s various screenshots/artworks from the official website:

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Commercials

Today, Nintendo revealed not one, but three commercials for the game:

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS) comes out on April 20th in Japan, and May 19th in Europe and North America.

Source: official website
Additional details: Serenes Forest



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