Famicom Mini / NES Mini: more pictures of the Famicom Mini, manual, more

It’s today that the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer (Famicom Mini) comes out in Japan. If you’re interested in checking out what the console looks like (including what’s inside), you’re in lucky: has shared plenty of pictures. Those picture show the console, its packaging, and even the motherboard (which looks exactly identical to the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainement System).

Here’s the pictures of the Famicom Mini (warning: pictures are a bit on the large side):

 If you’re interested, the manual of the Famicom Mini (but also the NES Mini) and its games is already available online. Click here to check them out, in several languages:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

And today is only the launch day of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System in Australia, who gets it one day before Europe and North America (on November 11th). Unfortunately, it looks like demand far outweights supply, and tyring to secure one even on launch day has proved to be quite difficult.

Fortunately, it looks like a second shipment is already on the way. Nintendo Australia announced earlier today (on Twitter) that this second shipment for the NES Mini should arrive in Early December. If you’re interested in one, Nintendo recommends you go ask your local retailers for more details.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System comes out on November 11th in Europe and North America.


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