Everybody 1-2-Switch! – First Look Party trailer; list of Games and footage

Earlier this month, Nintendo revealed a surprise release for June: Everybody 1-2-Switch!, a follow-up to the Nintendo Switch launch title, 1-2-Switch. And quite unusually, the company did not share a trailer alongside that announcement… not even a single screenshot (despite launching pre-orders on the same day!).

And with just a little over a week before release, Nintendo has finally deigned show us what Everybody 1-2-Switch! is all about with a “First Look Party” traile (featuring content creators from around the world).

Here’s the trailer:

16 content creators from around the world meet up in Tokyo, Japan for some hilarious multiplayer action in Everybody 1-2-Switch!


  • Yukirinu(YouTube: @yukrinu)
  • JENNI(YouTube: @_JENNI_2017_)
  • MasuoTV(YouTube: @MasuoTV)
  • aiai(YouTube: @ii2U2)

United States of America

  • Ryan Shakes(TikTok:@itsryanshakes)
  • Kennedy Rose (


  • Spencer Barbosa(TikTok:@spencer.barbosa)


  • Eddy Skabeche (YouTube: @SKabeche)


  • KickThePJ(YouTube: @KickThePJ)


  • CamilleLV(YouTube: @CamilleLV.)


  • Favij(YouTube: @FavijTV)


  • AlexiBexi(YouTube: @AlexiBexi)


  • Ray Bacon(YouTube: @RayBacon)

The Netherlands

  • Furtjuh(YouTube: @Furtjuh)


  • Sam and Teagan(YouTube: @TheRybkaTwins)

Nintendo also launched the official website for the game: click here to check it out and learn more about what Everybody 1-2-Switch! has to offer. The Japanese official website was also launched, and it features some footage of the various Games.

Here’s the footage:

Here’s the list of Games found in Everybody 1-2-Switch!:

  • Samurai Sword Fight
  • Auction (with Auction 2 and Auction 3 also available in-game)
  • Squats (with Squads 2 and Squats 3 also available in-game)
  • Kitchen Timer (with Kitchen Timer 2, Kitchen Timer 3, and Kitchen Timer 4 also available in-game)
  • Bingo (with Bingo 2 also available in-game)
  • Joy-Con Hide & Seek
  • Musical Chairs
  • Statues (with Statues 2 and Statues 3 also available in-game)
  • Quiz Show (with Quiz Show 2, Quiz Show 3, Quiz Show 4, and Quiz Show 5 also available in-game)
  • Balloons (with Ballons 2, Balloons 3, and Balloons 4 alkso available in-game)
  • Ice Cream Parlor (with Ice Cream Parlor 2, Ice Cream Parlor 3, and Ice Cream Parlor 4 also available in-game)
  • Hip Bump (with Hip Bump 2 and Hip Bump 3 also available in-game)
  • Ninjas (with Ninjas also available in-game)
  • UFO (with UFO also available in-game)
  • Relay Race (with Relay Race 2 also available in-game)
  • Jump Rope (with Jump Rope 2 also available in-game)
  • Color Shoot (with Color Shoot 2 also available in-game)

And here’s another trailer for Everybody 1-2-Switch!, introducing the various games listed above:

Finally, here’s some more details about the game:

Turn any gathering into a party full of multiplayer cheer when the Everybody 1-2-Switch! game launches for the Nintendo Switch system on June 30! This collection – featuring pick-up-and-play games tailor-made for group settings – invites you and your friends to play in a variety of ways, including games that allow up to 100 people to play in the same room for Smart Device mode.

Everybody 1-2-Switch! is your chance to elevate your next friend hangout, birthday, family holiday gathering … or wherever else people in your life gather to have fun. Simply grab some Joy-Con controllers or compatible smart devices to play team-based games that are easy to set up with the help of your horse host Horace. Party sizes from 2-8 people in Joy-Con mode or even up to 100 in Smart Device mode (yes, 100 people, horses not included!) can enjoy the multiplayer excitement.

For a suggested retail price of just $29.99, Everybody 1-2-Switch! has a variety of games and party modes to match the mood of your festivities. In Everybody 1-2-Switch! you can:

  • Snap colorful photos in the real world with smart device cameras to match a trending color in a game of Color Shoot
  • Work as a team to pump up a balloon as big as possible without popping it in Balloons
  • Put your teamwork to the ultimate test in a game of Ice Cream Parlor, where you’ll be keeping track of your customers’ next ice cream orders
  • Test your wits (and reaction time) by answering quickly in Quiz Show where the winner can be decided by mere milliseconds. You and your guests can even create and play custom quizzes, so let your personality shine!
  • Relax with a classic party game, Bingo Party, but with a new twist – playable on smart devices
  • And much more!

Many games have several variations that change up the rules or add an extra challenge, so there are many options to explore – your parties will never be the same. Take it from Horace, the host of the festivities in Everybody 1-2-Switch, who just happens to be a horse: “You’ve never held a party quite this outrageous, so prepare for fun at your mane event!”

Everybody 1-2-Switch! (Switch) comes out on June 30th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo PR (20/06/2023)


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