eshop News (Nov. 15): Sneaky Ninja / VRog update

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: some more gameplay footage for Sneaky Ninja, but also…

  • VRog
  • Touch Battle Tank 3D-4: Double Commander
  • Plantera

Sneaky Ninja

Yesterday, Starfall Studios shared some more gameplay footage their their stealth/platform game: Sneaky Ninja. This time around, we get to see a level filled with Samurai sailships, with the inevitable underwater sections.

Here’s the gameplay footage:


ByteRockers’ Games are currently working on an update for VRog. Today, they uploaded a preview video, showcasing some of the changes they’re bringing to the game:

  • a new menu;
  • a way to switch between highscores in the menu (Survival, Arcade);
  • a new mode: Party Mode. In that mode, scores are reset every 12h;
  • new way to start a game
  • a new score menu (and more precisely a new way to inpute your name/nickname)

Touch Battle Tank 3D-4: Double Commander

A few days ago, Circle Ent. announced they were bringing Touch Battle Tank 3D-4: Double Commander to Europe and North America. Today, they shared some more details about the game, which will feature the following:

  • co-op mode
  • VS mode
  • various levels
  • huge bosses

Touch Battle Tank 3D-4: Double Commander (3DS eShop) will be released in Europe and North America “soon”.

Source: Circle Ent.


Today, Ratalaika Games shared one lone screenshot for Plantera, revealing the new interface they come up for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game:




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