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eShop news (January 26): Ova Magica / The Girl from Arkanya

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Kickstarter campaign now live for Ova Magica, but also…

  • The Girl from Arkanya
  • Mercyful Flames
  • Skyforge

Ova Magica

The Kickstarter campaign for Ova Magica (a Pokemon-meets-Stardew Valley sim-RPG) is now live, and is off to a great start. The base goal has been set at $24 260, and as of writing, $16 628 have already been pledged. There’s little doubt the game will be fully funded within the next couple of hours! If you’re interested in helping bring the game to like, you can click here to check out the Kickstarter page for the game.

Here’s the Kickstarter launch trailer, along with some more details and the list of key features:

After moving to the sleepy town of Clover, the player (who can choose to be a boy or girl) is entrusted with revitalizing an overgrown piece of land into the farm of their dreams – and taking care of cute, mysterious creatures known as “blobs”. These blobs each have special skills which help with everything from farming to protecting you on expeditions for rare crafting materials! As well as the blobs, Clover Town is home to many quirky individuals from all walks of life with their own unique routines and interests. Train cute blob creatures, take care of your farm and make friends with the people of Clover Town.

  • Blob Breeding & Training: Ova Magica adds a twist to the farm-sim genre by combining it with a comfy creature raising sim! These cute blob creatures come in over 80 types, and can be cross-bred together to create an almost infinite combination of new blobs. Love them well, and pay attention to their favourite foods and habits to ensure they grow strong. 
  • Farming: Build, run, and expand the farm of your dreams. Farming is normally hard work but it doesn’t have to be in Ova Magica; treat your blobs well, and with their help you can grow everything from normal crops, to heart fruit, and mushrooms from other dimensions!
  • City Building & Progression: You can lend a hand to Clover’s community by sharing in the success of your farm! Helping others is important, and you can pitch in to help put up new buildings, take part in community initiatives, and unlock new things to do throughout the town.
  • Romance: Over a dozen unique NPCs with their own special routines, personalities, interests, and storylines inhabit Clover Town. The player can choose to play as either a guy or girl, and is free to pursue any character, including same-sex relationships equally. From the sensitive line cook who dreams of opening his own restaurant, to the tough punk builder who’s looking to make her architectural masterpiece – who will you meet in Clover Town?
  • Blob Battling: With your party of strongest blobs, engage in Active Time Battle combat with either other blob trainers, or the strongest inhabitants of the Blob Worlds you’ll explore throughout the game. Learn new skills, grow your blobs, learn the strengths and weaknesses of each type of blob, and prove yourself as the strongest blob trainer you can be.
  • Crafting: Ova Magica’s blobs add a unique twist on crafting; work with their special abilities to find new materials from blob worlds, dug up from ore piles, or grown on your farm! Put together an increasingly powerful and diverse range of tools and farm equipment to grow and make new things. Plus, create furniture to decorate your abode, or clothes to decorate your player character!
  • Activities: Variety is the spice of life, and when not farming there’s plenty else to do. Spend your off time with a huge variety of activities, such as mining, bug catching, a fishing mini-game, and helping the locals with preparing for the seasonal festivals.

Ova Magica (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet.

Source: ClaudiaTheDev PR

The Girl from Arkanya

The latest Kickstarter update for The Girl from Arkanya: click here to check it out!

The Girl from Arkanya (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet.

Mercyful Flames

Gaming Factory have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: Mercyful Flames, a detective adventure RPG developed by Asmodev.

Here’s a trailer, some details, the list of key features, and some screenshots:

The Dark Ages. A time in the history of the world we know little about due to a limited number of written sources that survived until our times. The picture that emerges from available sources, however, is far from idyllic. The collapse of the Roman empire started the overall, global, cultural downfall and the emergence of barbarian kingdoms. Some partial reports tell of disturbing cults, beliefs, and practices that would make your hair stand on end.

Welcome to the gloomy times where you’ll get the chance to become an occultist that, due to a quirk of malignant fate, becomes an inquisitor. The wrong person in an incredibly responsible position. Join the ranks of a bloodthirsty church and see how far you’re willing to go to save your beloved one.

Mercyful Flames is a detective adventure RPG inspired by horror board games that’s a slow-paced yet thrilling study of human meanness. Complete dozens of missions, each set in different but equally horrifying scenery. Investigate, bribe, fight, or even torture. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, and remember that you’ll be doing it all in the name of love. Or at least keep telling yourself that to remain sane.

  • Be quick or be dead. Track down your opponents before they manage to implement their plans.
  • Roam the world of the Dark Ages. Explore the wild and deserted nooks of the kingdom.
  • Use God’s Grace. Develop your skills through your power from above.
  • Achieve your goal at all costs. Accuse the villagers of witchcraft and pacts with the devil if necessary.
  • Become the ultimate interrogator. Break your enemies’ will and force them to reveal their darkest secrets.
  • Make good use of heavenly support. Ask the Lord to send favors and to help you in your investigation.
  • Get creative. And develop terrifying torture machines.
  • Do what inquisitors do. Burn the enemies of the church.
  • Stick with the mighty. Earn the grace of the king and the pope to become the Grand Witch Hunter.

Mercyful Flames (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet.

Source: Gaming Factory PR


MY.Games have announced that Skyforge will be released on February 4th in Europe and North America. It will be available for digital pre-order from January 27th (North America) / January 28th (Europe). The game will be Free 2 Play, but there will be some bundles available for purchase. Those offer various goodies, as well as a 2-day early access.

Here’s details about the three bundles:


  • 2-Day Headstart (available from February 2)
  • 3x Legendary Weapons (for the Cryomancer, Paladin, and Lightbinder classes)
  • 14-day Premium Subscription
  • 5,000 Argents
  • 75,000 Credits
  • Player Title: ‘Founder’


  • 2-Day Headstart (available from February 2)
  • Class Unlock: Berserker
  • 4x Legendary Weapons (for the Berserker, Cryomancer, Paladin, and Lightbinder classes)
  • Callsign NX Wings
  • 30-day Premium Subscription
  • 20,000 Argents
  • 100,000 Credits
  • Player Title: ‘Founder’


  • 2-Day Headstart (available from February 2)
  • 2x Class Unlocks: Gunner and Berserker
  • 5x Legendary Weapons (for the Gunner, Berserker, Cryomancer, Paladin, and Lightbinder classes)
  • Stormbringer TX-600 Glider
  • Callsign NX Wings
  • 60-day Premium Subscription
  • 40,000 Argents
  • 500,000 Credits
  • Player Title: ‘Founder’

Here’s a trailer for the game:

Skyforge (Switch – eShop) comes out on February 4th in Europe and North America.

Source: MY.Games PR

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