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eShop news (April 20) – The Deer God / ASH / Digger Dan DX

Today’s Nintendo eShop news:

  • The Deer God
  • YIIK
  • ASH
  • Sssnakes
  • Digger Dan DX
  • Bou Ningen Challenge
  • Adventure Bar Labyrinth
  • Pikii sale (Japan)
  • Booty Diver

Nintendo eShopThe Deer God

Good news for fans who were waiting for the Wii U version of The Deer God: this version is ready, and will be released on April 28th (next week!) in North America. It will cost $7.99.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main features:

  • Gorgeous 3D pixel art world to explore
  • Supports Pro Controller and “Off-TV” play with GamePad
  • Various animals and characters to interact with across multiple quests
  • Unique Night and Day system
  • Tons of items to find and use
  • Use the power of statues and level up your antlers
  • Find secrets and solve ancient puzzles
  • Follow an interesting and dark story line
  • Amazing Original Soundtrack by Evan Gipson


Today, Ackk Studios revealed a third trailer for YIIK, coming out this Summer on Wii U (via the Nintendo eShop):

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Today, Circle Ent. announced that ASH (Nintendo 3DS, eShop) would be released next week in North America (on April 28th), where it will cost $3.99. It will feature upgraded artworks”.

Here’s some footage:

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Today, EnjoyUp announced that Sssnakes (Nintendo 3DS, eShop) would be released next week in Europe (on April 28th). It will cost 1.99€.

Here’s a trailer:

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Digger Dan DX

Originally released on DSiWare, Digger Dan is getting a DX release on Nintendo 3DS (via the Nintendo eShop). According to NintendoLife, the game is coming out at the “start of summer”.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features:

  • All 100 levels from the original game, re-ordered to introduce new features more gradually.
  • 4 themed areas with all new graphics
  • Stereoscopic 3D layers
  • Improved audio
  • 60fps smooth action
  • 4 save slots

Finally, here’s some screenshots:

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Bou Ningen Challenge

Here’s the launch trailer for Bou Ningen Challenge (Nintendo 3DS, eShop), available from today in Japan:

Adventure Bar Labyrinth

Today, Rideon Japan made two announcements regarding Adventure Bar Labyrinth:

  • a demo is now available on the Nintendo eShop, in Japan
  • a new update has been released, fixing some glitches. It brings the game to Ver. 1.2

Pikii sale

Today, Pikii announced a sale on several Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games in Japan, on the Nintendo eShop. The following games will be available at a discount until May 4th:

[Wii U] Bit Trip Presents… Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien – 500 Yen (instead of 1 000 Yen)
[Wii U / New 3DS] The Binding of Isaac Rebirth – 1 125 Yen (instead of 1 500 Yen)[Wii U / 3DS] 1001 Spikes – 500 Yen (instead of 1 000 Yen)
[3DS] Cave Story: 900 Yen (instead of 1 000 Yen)
[New 3DS] The Binding of Isaac Rebirth – 1 120 Yen (instead of 1 500 Yen)

Our Nintendo eShop Sales page has been updated with those sales!

Source: Famitsu

Booty Diver

Today, the developer posted an update about the Wii U version of Booty Diver. He revealed that after the previous update, he received several offers from Nindies developers. Right now, he’s going to keep an eye out on PC sales until July, and after that, he will decide what to do with the Wii U version of the game.


Here’s more screenshots for several RCMADIAX games coming soon to Wii U (Nintendo eShop):





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