Endless Ocean Luminous: more footage and details

In Endless Ocean, you get to step in the shoes (or rather, in the swimfins) of a diver who sets out to explore the unfathomable depths of the ocean. Endless Ocean Luminous, the latest entry in the Arika-developed series, will launch on Nintendo Switch on May 2nd worldwide.

And with just a month until release, Nintendo has shared some fresh details about the game, detailing how you will be able to interact with the mysterious creatures that call the depths of the ocean their home.

But first, here’s some additional footage:

While diving, you will come across a wide variety of sea creatures. If a species in particular piques your interest (like dolphins or killer whales), you can try and swim with it! Just imagine swimming alongside a school of fish… That’s the kind of experience you can enjoy in this game!

At first, you can only swim with a limit number of species. But as you keep playing, you get to increase your Driver Rank, which in turn increases your “Swimming Cost” and allows you to swim with a wider variety of creatures.

If you want to find out more about the creatures you come upon while diving, the Encyclopedia is what you want to check out. It features the names of each species encountered along with descriptions and various details (like max. and min. size of specimens encountered).

All creatures encountered are added to the Encyclopedia, and check out details about them at any time. If you manage to find them all and complete the Encyclopedia, you might even become a Professor in Marine Life!

And if you want to keep mementos of your diving adventures, you can also take pictures. The game allows you to snap shots of the seascape and of the marine life, and even give you the option to take selfies or focus on a specific specimen. And naturally, all the pictures you take are saved on your Nintendo Switch console!

Endless Ocean Luminous (Switch) comes out on May 2nd worldwide.

Source: Nintendo


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