Dragon Ball: Project Fusion will have an original protagonist

Dragon Ball Project FusionThis week, the mysterious Dragon Ball: Project Fusion will be featured in Jump magazine. Thanks to a scan, we have some minor details about the game, but also the very first in-game screenshot. First, we learn that the protagonist of the game is not Son Goku, or any other existing character, but instead an unnamed, original protagonist.

That protagonist is accompanied by a character named “Pinijji”. On the very first screenshot for the game, the protagonist is seen talking to Krilin, who seems to be a playable character. He’s seen complimenting the protagonist, and asking him if he wants to become his companion.

Also, the scan below once again teases the Son Goku + Broly fusion. It also reminds us that the “fusion” theme of the game doesn’t only apply to the characters themselves, but also the world itself. Cities, mountains, and other areas have been put together in a rather strange way, but we don’t quite know why for now. No doubt this is one of the central elements of the game’s plot, and the main villain is most certainly the one to blame for all this.

Here’s the scans from Jump magazine:

Dragon Ball: Project Fusion (3DS) will be launched this year in Japan.

Source: Jump
Via: Kazu


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