Dragalia Lost: What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost, Part 3

In the third What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost post, the Director of Dragalia Lost has shared details about new content and various new features coming to the game in the upcoming weeks/months.

Last month, Void Battles went live, and as you already know if you’ve tried them, they feature enemies with unique abilities. If you’re having trouble defeating them, you can check the Details button at the top of each quest screen for hints on how to defeat them.

On March 20th, three new enemies will be added to Void Battles:

  • Obsidian Golem

This is the shadow-attuned Obsidian Golem. You may have encountered the flame-attuned Steel Golem already, so now you can meet the shadow-attuned version of that enemy.

  • Blazing Ghost

This is the flame-attuned Blazing Ghost, which comes with a new ability: Ranged Resistance. This ability makes it difficult for adventurers with bows, staves, and wands to deal damage, so I’d recommend using adventurers with other weapon types.

Also, the Director specifies that new Void Battles quests will be added every month.

By the way, Dragalia Lost is nearing its half Anniversary. There will be various events to celebrate, starting with a countdown Log-in Bonus from March 20th.

Next, the Director shared details about upcoming changes and new features coming to the game:

1) Equipping two wyrmprints

You will soon be able to equip two wyrmprints per adventurer, but there will be some restrictions:

  • you will not be able to equip the same wyrmprint twice on the same character;
  • there will be a limit to how much the effects of two wyrmprints with the same effects will stack when equipped on the same character;
  • you will need to clear Chapter 4 to unlock this feature.

2) Creating conditional rooms when playing co-op

When playing co-op, you will be able to create rooms with certain conditions for entry: element, weapon type, might, etc.. You will then be matched with players who meet those conditions when they select Find a Room. This will be pretty useful to find suitable partners for high-level quests! Also, you will be able to choose to battle again if you fail a quest.

3) Trading for insufficient materials on the spot

Not enough materials for mana circles, building facilities, or crafting? No problem: you will be able to trade for them directly from those screens, without having to go to Treasure Trade in the shop!

4) New button to change game speed

A button will be added to the game, allowing you to change the speed of the game when playing a quest (only be available in solo play). 4 speeds will be available:

  • Normal
  • 1.2x
  • 1.5x
  • 2x

While that feature works with autoplay (which is pretty handy when you want to do some quick grinding), it also does when you’re controlling characters yourself.

5) High Midgardsormr’s Trial: Prelude added

A new difficulty will be added to High Midgarsormr’s Trial: Prelude. That way, you will be able to practice before tackling higher difficulty levels! Do note that you will also be able to fight without the Glorious Tempest wyrmprint. However, there’s a catch: you will not get an epithet for clearing this difficulty! Also, slight adjustments to the rewards for Advanced Dragon Trials

Changes 1 to 4 will go live at the end of the month, but Change 5 will go live in the “near future”.

Finally, a major update will be released at the end of April, but we don’t know what it will add/change yet…

Source: official website



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