Dragalia Lost: What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost (Part 1)

Today, the Director of Dragalia Lost wrote the first in a series of posts called What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost, detailing some of the events, changes, and new features coming to the game in the future.


As announced the other day, the next event is called A Wish to the Winds, and it’s a Facility Event. The main characters of the event are Louise and her brother, Lowen. This time around, the Extra Quests will be playable in co-op!

On the same day, a new Summon Showcase will go live: Winds of Hope. It will feature wind-element adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints (including some that will be particularly useful during the Facility Event).

Also, a new set of Log-in Bonuses will go live on November 17th: the Winter Log-in Bonus.

After that, in late November, the 3rd Raid Event goes live: Resplendent Refrain. This one will feature a new adventurer: Lucretia, who happens to be a songstress. It features 3 brand new songs, and songs in general will play a big role. This Raid Event will also introduce a major change: the removal of the event-reward wyrmprints, to avoid limiting players’ customisation options.


  • Adjustments to rupies, mana, and crystals: new players often become stuck due to a lack of upgrade resources. That’s why Daily Endeavors and Log-in Bonus are being updated (check out this post for more details). Also, players often do not have enough rupies to craft weapons, so rupie mines will get a buff and will produce more rupies. Finally, Aventure to Fortune and Avenue to Power will be updated in order to increase the amount of rupies and crystals you can get from them. They’re also getting a Master difficulty!
  • Acquiring resources: obtaining resources required for unbinding mana circles and crafting weapons will become easier. That’s why orbs of each element, various dragon scales, as well as crafting resources, will be added to the Shop’s Treasure Trade. Players will also have the option to convert those resources from low tier to high tier, and back again.
  • Adjustments to weapon types:
    • Bow: the time between firing a force strike and when it actually lands will be shortened. The spread for normal arrows will be reduced, and their range will be increased;
    • Lance: normal attacks will no longer launch enemies, allowing you to keep attacking, and the area of the force strike will be increased.
  • Adding new quests: since the difficulty gap between Dragon Trials: Master + Imperial Onslaught and Advanced Dragon Trials is quite steep, more content will be added to fill the gap. The goals for the developers is to make assembling teams fun (by increasing the weapons you can craft, for example). Also, Chapter 7 of the Main Story will be added at the end of the year, and will feature Phrases (the second heir). It will also shed line upon a certain character’s backstory.

As usual, make sure to keep an eye on the Events Content Updates and Summons pages to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Dragalia Lost!

Source: Cygames



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