Dragalia Lost: “A Wish to the Winds” Facility Event now live

Today, a brand new event for Dragalia Lost was announced: A Wish to the Winds. Just like Trick or Treasure, this one is a “Facility Event”. It will run from November 15th (this Thursday) to November 26th, though rewards are available until December 3rd. It pits your adventurers against bosses from the water element.

Thanks to this event, you can get an event-exclusive facility: Wind Shrine. You get it automatically, and in fact, you cannot do much if you don’t build it right away in the Halidom. This building has special effects:

  • it boosts the stats of wind-element adventurers, though only during the A Wish to the Winds event;
  • it boosts the damage all adventurers deal to enemies during the A Wish to the Winds quests.

As you progress through the event’s story, you can level up the Wind Shrine, and boost the very effects we just mentioned. To upgrade it, you need something called windwhistle grass, that you can get from event quests: just like in previous events, you can actually earn more of them by having adventurers equip event-specific Wyrmprints. Said Wyrmprints also have other effects.

The event features the following battles:

  • Boss Battles: clearing those allow you to earn various rewards;
  • Extra Boss Battles: those are even tougher, but you can earn even more generous rewards! They’re not available all the time, though: they unlock at a fixed percentage when you clear the expert version of a boss battle, and disappear once you’ve cleared them once. You can retry as many times as you want if you happen to fail, but once you’ve cleared them, it’s over! They’re only playable in Single Player;
  • Daily Battles: special quests that can only be cleared once a day (you can try them as many times as you want, if you fail). They’re unlocked after first clearing the boss battle, and clearing them allows you to earn various rewards. They’re only playable in Single Player;
  • Challenge Battles: high-level battles, unlocked after clearing the boss on Expert. You have to face several waves of enemies, and if you get a Game Over, you still get some rewards based on the number of waves you cleared. They’re only playable in Single Player.

Finally, there’s several types of rewards to earn:

  • Divine gale rewards: clearing quests allows you to earn points. Once you get enough of them, various rewards are unlocked;
  • Treasure Trade rewards: you can trade friendship bracelets (earned during Quests) and wind chimes for various rewards.

And here’s the list of Quests:

  • Quest 1: Journey to the Wind Cavern (Suggested might: 1600)
  • Quest 2: Danger Lurks in the Wetlands (Suggested might: 1700)
  • Quest 3: The Way Home (Suggested might: 1800)
  • Quest 4: The Great Geysers (Suggested might: 1900)
  • Quest 5: Perilous Puddles (Suggested might: 2000)
  • Quest 6: Onward Through the Puddles (Suggested might: 2100)
  • Quest 7: Defending the Village (Suggested might: 2200)
  • Daily Battle
  • Boss Battle (Standard unlocked at Wind Shrine Lvl. 5, Expert on Lvl. 8)

Important note: you need to clear Chapter 2, 2-1 on Normal in order to take part in this event. If you have just started playing Dragalia Lost, and therefore haven’t reached that part yet, make sure you do so asap if you want to take part in the event right away, and avoid missing a precious day!

As usual, make sure to keep an eye on the Events Content Updates and Summons pages to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Dragalia Lost!

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