Dragalia Lost: changes coming to daily bonus, quests and endeavors

Later this week, the second Facility Event for Dragalia Lost will go live. But before that, there will be some maintenance for the whole game (not just the in-game Shop), in order to prepare for major changes coming to the daily bonus, quests, and endeavors. Please check out this page to find out when the maintenance takes place!

In order to thank players for their patience, everyone who starts the game before the maintenance period will be able to get the following as Special Log-in Bonus: exquisite honey x3.

Following this maintenance, the rewards for the Daily Endeavors will be changed:

  • Clear Avenue to Power: 5,000 mana instead of 3,000 rupies
  • Perform an Item Summon: 6 gold crystals instead of 1,500 mana
  • Collect Rupies from a Facility : 3 gold whetstones instead of 1 silver whetstone
  • Clear a Quest Playing Co-op: 300 eldwater instead of 100 eldwater
  • Clear Five Quests: 1 exquisite honey instead of 1 blessed water

The rewards for the Daily Bonus will also be changed:

  • Day 1: 5,000 mana instead of 1 exquisite honey
  • Day 2: 5,000 mana instead of 3,000 mana
  • Day 4: 20,000 rupies instead of 10,000 rupies
  • Day 8: 2 exquisite honey instead of 1 exquisite honey

But that’s not all… the rewards for the event quest Clear Avenue to Power will be increased:

  • The amount of crystals Fafnir drops will be increased at all difficulty levels.

Also, Clear Avenue to Fortune will be added to the daily endeavors:

  • The reward for clearing this endeavor will be 5 blessed water.
  • The amount of rupies dropped at all difficulty levels will be increased.

Finally, some adventurers’ skill damage will be increased. 

Make sure to keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates and Summons pages to keep up date with all that’s happening in Dragalia Lost!

Source: Nintendo



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