Dragalia Lost Song Collection out on June 30th in Japan

If you’re a regular player, then you already know that Dragalia Lost makes heavy use of music. Many events feature special vocal tracks composed and performed by popular Japanese artists such as M・A・O, Madkid, and many others. And on June 30th, a special album will be released in Japan that includes the many vocal tracks used in the game. It’s logically called Dragalia Lost Song Collection, and costs 5 500 Yen.

This album includes the various vocal tracks featured during in-game Events (along with their instrumental version), with the exception of those composed and performed by Daoko (which already got a CD release back in 2019). It also comes with the following:

  • a 28 page lyric booklet, featuring some illustrations of scenes where the songs are used
  • a 60 page artbook
  • an original protection card

Here’s what the packaging looks like:

Also, players who buy the album will get a Serial Code for some in-game goodies:

Here’s the tracklist:

Disc 1

  1. Get up / MADKID
  2. Dawn Song / 宮原ひとみ
  3. Force Your Way / 谷本貴義
  4. Bon Fever / マーベラス☆ナオト
  5. ステルスダンス / 青木志貴
  7. case i / ルクレツィア
  8. We Are The Lights / ルクレツィア
  9. Rainbow Riders / M・A・O
  10. Rainbow Riders (Battle Arrange ver.) / M・A・O
  11. Maybe In The Next Life / ラピス
  12. Maybe In The Next Life / カーリナ
  13. Terrestrial paradise / BlooDye
  14. Hollow Dance / SiN
  15. Because of You / セツコ
  16. Sample Answer / 緒方恵美

Disc 2

  1. A frenzied rage (INST) / 永山ひろなお
  2. Torture (INST) / 永山ひろなお
  3. Gigantic Madness (INST) / 永山ひろなお
  4. A Gifted Tormentor (INST) / 永山ひろなお
  5. 月牙 (INST) / teppe
  6. Judgment Day (INST) / 永山ひろなお
  7. Get up (INST) / MADKID
  8. Dawn Song (INST) / 宮原ひとみ
  9. Force your way (INST) / 谷本貴義
  10. Bon Fever (INST) / マーベラス☆ナオト
  11. ステルスダンス (INST) / 青木志貴
  13. case i (INST) / ルクレツィア
  14. Ancient Lights (INST) / 永山ひろなお
  15. We Are The Lights (INST) / ルクレツィア
  16. Rainbow Riders (INST) / M・A・O
  17. Rainbow Riders (INST) (Battle Arrange ver.) / M・A・O
  18. Maybe In The Next Life (INST) / ラピス
  19. Terrestrial paradise (INST) / BlooDye
  20. Hollow Dance (INST) / SiN
  21. Because of You (INST) / セツコ
  22. Sample Answer (INST) / 緒方恵美

Dragalia Lost (Android, iOS) still does not have a release date in Europe yet.

Source: Cygames


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