Dragalia Lost: all the details from the Nintendo Direct

Today, the latest Nintendo Direct presentation was livestreamed, and it was all about Dragalia Lost (the next mobile game from Nintendo). We finally got our proper look at the game, along with plenty of details about the various elements (gameplay, summoning, multiplayer, etc.).

Missed the presentation? No problem: you can simply watch the recording below!

Dragalia Lost takes place in the Kingdom of Alberia, where Humans and Dragons co-exist. The Kingdom is protected by magical items known as Sacred Shards, that disrupt the appearance of monsters. Unfortunately, the power of those very shards is said to have begun to fade, and so someone has to go and find new ones to replace them.

The main character is the Seventh Royal Prince, who made a pact with Midgardsormr, the Windwyrm (a Dragon who once held a pact with the founding King of Alberia).

Since Dragalia Lost is an action-RPG, the battle system is definitely one of they key elements of the game. First thing: you have to build yourself a party with up to 4 adventurers. To battle, you use the touchscreen: slide to move, tap to attack, and more. By tapping the skill button, you can unleash flashy moves to defeat opponents, though you need to built it up using regular attacks (you can’t just spam the skill button over and over again).

During battle, you need to pay attention to the red markers on the floor: those shows incoming enemy attacks, and you obviously need to dodge out of them as soon as you see one… though you can always keep attacking if you feel confident enough. By the way, the other party members are just there for support: you can actually switch which character you’re controlling in real time, allowing you to set up nice combos and strategies.

What about an action-RPG (or any RPG, really!) be without boss battles? Of course, Dragalia Lost does have those too, and monsters that appear as bosses are slightly different from regular ones. Not only are they (generally) bigger, and stronger, they also have a rage gauge: it fills up as it’s attacked, and when it’s completely full, they enter into an overdrive state. When that happens, you need to keep attacking it to decrease the gauge: when you do so, the boss goes in a Break state, allowing you to dish out tons of damage.

A key element of the battle system is Shapeshifting: the ability to transform into a Dragon. To do so, you need to collect crystals from monsters, or by smashing Dragon Obelisks. By the way, it’s not just you who can Shapeshift: your companions also can. And as you can imagine, each Dragon offers something different in battle, so try to make a pact with as many as possible!

Here’s some of the characters you can get in your party:

  • Elisanne, the Anointed Lance
  • Ranzal, the Arc in the Storm
  • Cleo, the Belle Healer

The various characters can be divided in 4 categories:

  • Attack Unit
  • Defense Unit
  • Support Unit
  • Healing Unit

They also have their own elements:

  • Flame > Wind > Water > Flame, etc…
  • Shadow > Light > Shadow, etc…

Finally, they have wapon characteristics:

  • Sword
  • Blade
  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Lance
  • Bow
  • Wand
  • Staff

There’s over 60 characters in the game, and you need to create a party by thinking carefully about the unit type, element, and weapon characteristics of each one.

Dragalia Lost is filled with challenges, and you need to get stronger to see through them all. Here’s 4 ways to do so:

  • Level: get XP to level up. It’s not the only way, and hardly enough, but it’s a good place to start!
  • Weapons: equip superior weapons to increase your attack power. You can get those from quests. They change your fighting style, so that’s something to keep in mind. Of course, there are ways to strengthen the weapons you already own, too;
  • Mana Circle: basically, a skill tree. Allows you to unlock stats increases, new skills, and more;
  • The Halidom: your personal camp. You can build mine there, in order to produce gold. You can also build altars, to enhance your abilities.

Finally, we have an element found in a ton of mobile games: Summoning. There’s 3 things you can summon in Dragalia Lost:

  • new characters: they have a rank, between 3 ★ and 5 ★. If you get a duplicate, you get Eldwater, than you can use to promote characters to a superior rank;
  • dragons;
  • Wyrmprints: mysterious items said to embody the very memories of the world. They can be used to enhance adventurers.

In order to summon anything, you need either:

  • Wyrmite = received as Log-in Bonus, event rewards, etc.
  • Diamantium = can be purchased using real money.

One summoning requires 150 Wyrmite or 150 Diamantium.

Finally, we have details about multiplayer. You can play with up to 3 friends. To communicate, you can use various stances (icons). Good news: every single quests is playable in multiplayer, and there’s also special multiplayer events that give you even greater rewards! To get started, you can create a room (that can be made private if you only want to play with people you know), and invite other players. Of course, you can also join someone else’s room.

Dragalia Lost (mobile) comes out on September 27th in the United States, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. At launch, it will be playable in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

To keep up to date with all that’s happening in Dragalia Lost, make sure to check out the Events and Content Updates page! You can find the list of confirmed characters and dragons here!


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