Daily news (March 17, Round 2): Fairy Tail / Zombie Army Trilogy

Today’s Daily news: latest set of details for Fairy Tail but also…

  • Zombie Army Trilogy
  • La-Mulana 1 & 2
  • Biped
  • Filament
  • Travel Mosaics 2: Roman Holiday
  • Tool Assisted Speedrun

Fairy Tail

The latest issue of V-Jump, releasing on March 21st, will share some more details about Fairy Tail. First, we learn that the Tartaros Dark Guild, as well as the Eclipse Gate, will appear in the game.

We also get details about some of the improvements and additions the developers implemented following the delay. The game as a whole has been further polished (gameplay systems, production values, game balance), with some new elements such as Unison Raid. There’s also a new system called Character Rank Up, that allows you prioritize certain characters. Finally, the overall atmosphere of the various backgrounds has been improved.

The latest issue of V-Jump comes out on March 21st in Japan.

Fairy Tail (Switch) comes out on June 25th in Japan, and June 26th in Europe and North America.

Source: V-Jump
Via: ryokutya2089

Zombie Army Trilogy

Here’s the latest video for the Zombie Army Trilogy:

Zombie Army Trilogy (Switch) comes out on March 31st in Europe and North America, and May 28th in Japan.

La-Mulana 1 & 2

Here’s the launch trailer for La-Mulana 1 & 2, now available in North America:

La-Mulana 1 & 2 (Switch) comes out on March 20th in Europe, and March 27th in Oceania.


NExT Studios have shared another trailer and some more details for Biped:

Greetings space heroes! Beacons have gone dark on the blue planet and the bipeds have summoned you to reactivate them. Join forces with Aku and Sila to light up the Earth for all those who travel the galaxy one step at a time. There’s no time to waste!

Biped (Switch – eShop) comes out this Spring in Europe and North America.

Source: NExT Studios PR


Kasedo Games have announced a game for the Nintendo Switch: Filament, a puzzle game developed by Beard Envy. It will be released later this year in Europe and North America. It will cost 16.99€ / £14.99 / $16.99.

Here’s a teaser trailer and some details:

Winner of the 2017 Epic MegaJam, Filament takes place aboard The Alabaster, one of The Filament Corporation’s flagship research vessels. You must try to wrestle control back from a mysterious complication which left the ship locked down and the crew missing. With only the help of Juniper, the ships stricken pilot, face over 300 fiendishly difficult puzzles that will push your wits to the limit in a bid to uncover what happened to the crew and why they disappeared. A single-player game with complex, yet ultra-addictive puzzles, challenge yourself to board the Alabaster, then challenge yourself to leave.

Filament (Switch – eShop) comes out later this year in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Kaledo Games PR

Travel Mosaics 2: Roman Holiday

Here’s the launch trailer for Travel Mosaics 2: Roman Holiday, now available in Europe and North America:

Tool Assisted Speedrun

Here’s the latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video for Nintendo platforms:

  • The Mutant Virus: Crisis in a Computer World (NES) by link_7777 in 17:57.21


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