Daily Briefs (Sept. 19): Nintendo Minute / Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 (GBC)

Today’s Daily Briefs: latest episode of Nintendo Minute, but also…

  • Pokémon Trading Card Game 2
  • Sky Skipper
  • Technosoft
  • Square-Enix and Capcom @ Tokyo Game Show 2016
  • Alice in Wonderland

Nintendo Minute

Here’s the latest episode of Nintendo Minute, which isn’t about any game in particular this time around!

Hi, Nintendo Minute is finally a minute…well sort of. We talk about 5 things that are on top of our minds and maybe your minds too, but we only get 60 seconds to talk about each. It’s a little crazy and we’re pretty sure most of the video is nonsensical rambling but we hope you enjoy it anyway. What do you think about each of these topics? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!

Here’s the episode:

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2

Pokémon Trading Card Game, released on the GameBoy Color, remains one of the most beloved games in the franchise. But did you know it actually got a “sequel” in Japan? If you want to learn more about it (and the first entry), then you should definitely check out the latest video from Did You Know Gaming!

Sky Skipper

Interested in the Nintendo arcade history? If yes, there’s a website you should definitely keep your eyes on: SkySkipper Project. The team behind this project is planning to unveil this virtually unknown Arcade game:

For 30+ years, the arcade collecting community has only seen bits and pieces (at best) of Nintendo’s arcade game ‘Sky Skipper’ and the game has been virtually non-existent to date.

We are working to change that.

If all goes to plan, we will unveil Sky Skipper – in its fully-restored glory – to the world and tell the story of what it took to bring this almost-lost game back to life. We feel that this part of arcade history deserves to be documented and recreated so that it properly claims its spot in Nintendo’s arcade legacy and we want to share it with the world for all to learn about.

Click here for more details!


Last week, SEGA announced that Thunder Force III would be included in SEGA 3D Classics Collection 3: Final Stage. But unlike the other titles in the collection, this one was not developed by SEGA, but by Technosoft. But it doesn’t make any difference anymore, because it turns out that SEGA actually bought Technosoft’s IPs.

Unfortunately, we don’t what SEGA is planning to do with those franchises, which aren’t well-known at all nowadays (except among retro gamers). The company is most likely planning to re-release them on digital storefront and in collections like the SEGA 3D Classics Collection 3: Final Stage.

Source: 4Gamer.net
Via: SEGAbits

Square-Enix and Capcom @ Tokyo Game Show 2016

Here’s some livestream recordings from the Tokyo Game Show 2016, with:

  • Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3
  • Monster Hunter Stories
  • Megami Meguri

Alice in Wonderland

Here’s two Developer Commentary videos for Alice in Wonderland (available on the Nintendo eShop of the Wii U):


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