Daily Briefs (May 9) – Cruis’n Adventure (Arcade) / Boku no Hero Academia

Today’s Daily Briefs:

  • Cruis’n Adventure
  • Boku no Hero Academia: Battle for All
  • Tiny Galaxy: The Do Over

Cruis’n Adventure

Cruis’n is the name of an arcade racing game series which was pretty popular in the 1990’s. If you’re one of those who really want a new entry, it looks like you’re in luck. Test machines for a new “Cruis’n Adventure” have popped up in some game centers in the United States, such as the Regal City North Stadium 14 Theater, in Chicago.

Here’s a picture of the test machine:

And it’s pretty much official: Nintendo licenced the game, which is in development at Raw Thrills. Here’s what one of the developers had to say about this:

That cabinet is just a test cabinet, for production it’s much cooler. Cruisn is designed from scratch, completely new engine. Basically what you see there is only a small fraction of what the game will be.

It looks like the game features:

  • Three button layout on the control panel for view changes
  • Better graphics than the Fast And Furious Super Cars games;
  • Up to three N2O speed boosts

Source: Arcade Heroes

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Boku no Hero Academia

Here’s the latest trailer for Boku no Hero Academia, which comes out on May 19th in Japan:



Tiny Galaxy: The Do Over

Here’s a trailer for Tiny Galaxy: The Do Over, the major update coming “soon” for Tiny Galaxy:

In case you missed it, here’s the list of changes/fixes/improvements:

  • better graphics;
  • lowered difficulty;
  • hit boxes fixed for all sprites;
  • level select menu redesigned;
  • new start menu;
  • more/better animations;
  • audio fixes;
  • general bug fixes;
  • challenge levels (for each world), which are a way of making up for the lower difficulty. After all, even though the main levels are about 1/3 easier, the challenges are significantly harder;
  • opening sequence redone;
  • few more story scenes;
  • more features/changes in the game.



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