Daily Briefs (July 14): Octopath Traveler / The Banner Saga Trilogy / Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Today’s Daily Briefs: Octopath Traveler suffering from shortages in Japan, but also…

  • The Banner Saga Trilogy
  • Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition
  • Etrian Odyssey X
  • Inazuma Eleven Ares
  • All-Star Fruit Racing

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler was launched yesterday in Japan (like in the rest of the world), and it looks like it’s off to a great start. Earlier today, the company sent a message on Twitter in order to apologise for the shortages: the game has indeed become difficult to find, with some stores running out of copies. Quite the pickle during a 3-day week-end!

That’s why Square-Enix recommends that players consider purchasing either the digital version of the game (directly via the Nintendo eShop), or a Download Card at Lawson convenience stores.

Unfortunately, those shortages don’t tell us much about Octopath Traveler’s sales, since we don’t have any word on the size of the initial shipment. All we know so far is that the game is exceeding retailers’ expectations, which is still some pretty good news. Hopefully Square-Enix will manage to ship more copies soon!

Also, to celebrate the launch of the game, Francesca Berald shared the full map of Orsterra via Twitter. If you’re wondering who she is, and why she has that map, it’s because she’s the very artist who created it in the first place!

Here’s what it looks like:

Finally, here’s the launch trailer for the game:

Source: Square-Enix (Twitter) / Francesca Berald (Twitter)

The Banner Saga Trilogy

Earlier this week, Gearbox Publishing announced that they were partnering with Versus Evil and Stoic Studio in order to release The Banner Saga Trilogy at retail, around the world. Pre-orders are said to open soon, but the game can already ordered on Amazon.com (which is listing it for a September 21st release) [NB: affiliate link].

The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Gearbox Publishing

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Here’s the latest trailer for Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition:

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition (Switch) comes out this Fall worldwide.

Etrian Odyssey X

Here’s the latest set of screenshots for Etrian Odyssey X, courtesy of 4Gamer:

Etrian Odyssey X (3DS) comes out on August 2nd in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer

Inazuma Eleven Ares

Here’s the recording of the latest episode of Inazuma Walker:


Inazuma Eleven Ares (Switch) comes out this Fall in Japan.

All-Star Fruit Racing

Here’s the launch trailer for All-Star Fruit Racing:

All-Star Fruit Racing (Switch) comes out on August 21st in North America.



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