Daily Briefs (April 12): UK sales (million-sellers) / God Eater 3

Today’s Daily Briefs: list of million-sellers in the United Kingdom, but also…

  • God Eater 3
  • Rune Factory 4 Special
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission
  • Solo: Islands of the Heart
  • Wulverblade

UK sales (million-sellers)

The UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment) have shared some neat sales data for the video game market in the United Kingdom, as part of their 30 Years of Play campaign. To be more precise, they shared the list of games that have sold over 1 million units in the country, but not just any games: those who did so on just one platform (which is why some games are listed several times: they simply reached 1 million units sold on several platforms)..

As expected, there’s quite a lot of games from Nintendo on that list, mostly on the Wii (and a few on Nintendo DS):

NB: digital sales are not taken into account, which is not really an issue for Nintendo platforms as there was no digital sales at all on Wii and Nintendo DS. Data was provided by Gfk.

Source: UKIE
Via: GamesIndustry

God Eater 3

Here’s nearly twenty screenshots for God Eater 3, announced for the Nintendo Switch yesterday:

God Eater 3 (Switch) comes out on July 11th in Japan, and July 12th in Europe and North America.

Source: Nintendo

Rune Factory 4 Special

Here’s the latest video for Rune Factory 4 Special:

Rune Factory 4 Special (Switch) comes out on July 25th in Japan, and later this year in Europe and North America.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Bandai-Namco have announced that a Software update is in the works for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. It will add new cards and new missions!

Here’s a teaser trailer:

Solo: Islands of the Heart

Here’s one, lone screenshot for Solo: Islands of the Heart:

Solo: Islands of the Heart (Switch) does not have a release date yet.

Source: Merge Games (Twitter)


Yesterday, Super Rare Games announced that Wulverblade is getting a limited retail release. Unfortunately, that’s all we know for now!

Source: Super Rare Games (Twitter)


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