Cube Creator DX: more details, trailer, screenshots

Today, Arc Systems Works shared some more details and screenshots for Cube Creator DX, along with a trailer. Once again, the focus is on the new elements, starting with Survival Mode. This version of the game introduces a third-person view, though obviously, it’s not mandatory: you can switch to the regular first-person view if you prefer.

In Cube Creator DX, you can create your very own avatar, and customise its appearance (on top of equipment/armor/weapons). There’s also a lot more weapons/pieces of equipment/items: 3 times more than in the original version of the game.

Ranged attacks are another addition to the game: you can now attack enemies using a bow, magic, and more (in fact, such attack are pretty much required to defeat certain enemies). What’s more, you can even defend yourself with a shield, adding even more depth to combat. As far as exploration goes, Cube Creator DX features 10 worlds, including new ones such as Tropical, Wilderness, Sky, and Cave.

As mentioned last time, Cube Creator DX allows you to keep a pet, and the best thing is… you can actually battle with it! You can also get some ingredients thanks to your animals, such as milk (from a cow).

To explore the world, you have several options:

  • you can go on foot
  • you can fly in the sky
  • you can swim in water
  • you can ride on animals
  • and more…

In order to survive in the harsh world of the Survival mode, you can now grow crops: this allows you to get some precious food.

Finally, we have multiplayer: Cube Creator DX can be played with up to 4 players, locally and online. To communicate with your friends/other players, you can use pre-recorded gestures, but also the chat feature. Together, you can explore the worlds without fear of monsters, and you can help each other and build a base to survive.

Here’s a trailer for Cube Creator DX, along with some screenshots:

Cube Creator DX (3DS) comes out on April 27th in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer


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