CRYMACHINA: DLC coming this October; will add new playable characters and stages + more footage

Yesterday, CRYMACHINA was finally released in Japan (roughly 3 weeks later than initially planned). Developed by Aquria, this new action RPG was showcased during a launch livestream, where a couple of announcements were made. If you missed the presentation, you can find the full recording on YouTube.

Here’s a recording with only the gameplay segments:

During that livestream, it was announced that CRYMACHINA will receive some DLC in October in Japan. It will add the following to the game:

  • new playable characters (at least 3, presumably the members of Trinity based on the silhouettes shown during the livestream)
  • new equipment
  • new stages offering a steep challenge for players, featuring some tough enemies
  • and more…

It’s not clear when this DLC will be released in Europe and North America. The full game launches on October 27th in both regions, which means it might be available on launch day (though it’s more likely that it will be released in the following months).

CRYMACHINA (Switch) comes out on October 27th in Japan.


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