Bravely Second: new images showcase the Demon King, Buster Ships, special moves and more

Square-Enix has just revealed a brand new batch of screenshots/artworks for Bravely Second: End Layer, which showcase various things, including the Lunar Base (Magnolia’s hometown). Just like Norende in Bravely Default, you’ll have to rebuild the base with the help of other players met via StreetPass or via Wifi.

The Demon Kings, which are distributed via online (and can then be sent to other players via StreetPass), will try to attack the base. Sebastian Masuda will provide several of the Demon Kings designs, and those are as psychedelic as the one from Bravely Default.

Their name is:

– Sea Urchin
– Swan
– Butterfly Tail (Goldfish)
– Hakusan (White Mountain)

In order to defend the village against those monsters, you can use Buster Ships: they will weaken the monsters by lowering their level, making it easier to get rid of them. Of course, if you team up with friends, you can have even more Buster Ships to defend the Lunar Base (otherwise, you’re limited to one if you’re playing alone).

Square-Enix also confirms that each type of weapon can have up to 4 different Special Moves, which can only be triggered if certain conditions are met during battle. Just like in Bravely Default, you will be able to customise them by setting up a short messages for your character to say when they launch their attack.

Finally, Square-Enix confirms that several other asterisks holders from Bravely Default will be back:

– Atemia Venus (Hunter)
– Einheria Venus (Valkyrie)
– Mefilia Venus (Summoner)
– Ominas Crowe (Black Mage)

Here is the new batch of screenshots and artworks for Bravely Second – End Layer:

Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS) comes out on April 23rd in Japan.




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