Boost Beast announced for the Nintendo Switch (defense puzzle game, Arzest), out tomorrow (July 20th)

Today, Arc System Works revealed their next game for the Nintendo Switch: Boost Beast. Developed by Arzest, it’s a defense puzzle game where you need to defeat hordes of zombies by summoning animals, which is obviously done by clearing blocks (it is a puzzle game, after all!)

Here’s what the story is all about:

The sudden appearance of a virus-carrying meteorite infected the entire human race, and turned everyone into zombies.
The hero who rose up to face this crisis is Alec, the king of dogs. Will he be able to save the devastated world and reclaim peace..?

As for gameplay, here’s how it works: you have to match 3 animal blocks of the same colour in order to summon animals. Just like in any puzzle game worth its salt, there’s various gimmicks to deal with:

  • cages: trap your animals)
  • rocks: block your path, cannot be destroyed unless you clear the blocks next to it
  • Grim Reaper: turns your allies into zombies
  • zombie swamp: summon a zombie at every turn
  • skull stone: makes zombie invicible

To defeat zombies, you can also use bombs:

  • Big Bom: clears surrounding blocks
  • Cross Bomb:  clears blocks in a cross shape
  • Colour Bomb: clears all block of a given colour

Also, you chain combos like a pro! Combos allow you to summon more animals at once.

Boost Beast promises to be quite the meaty game, with no less than 204 in total… this one should keep you busy for many hours!

Next, here’s the various characters found in the game:

  • Alec: The king of dogs who stood up asthe leader to save the world. Full of courage but unable to do anything by himself.
  • Jake: The most reliable among all the animals. He defeats zombies with a burning passion!
  • Carrie: Carrie, the stylish rabbit. Zombies are afraid of her when she gets angry.
  • Sam: A wrestler despite his chill appearance. Bringing the zombies down to the ground!
  • Porky: An easy-going office man. Fights for his friends and family 24/7.
  • Max: A bear with a big body and a bigger heart. He swings zombies around with ease!
  • Duke: A mysterious assassin who fights zombies alone. He joins Alec and friends halfway through the game.
  • Madame Shuffle and the Three Bomb Brothers: They assist you by shuffling the puzzle and placing bombs. They need to take a break after you call them so plan carefully before asking for their help.

As for enemies, we have…

  • Zombies: regular enemies
  • Colour Zombies: mutant zombies that are immune to all attacks other than the ones that share the same color as themselves.
  • Horse: a mid-boss, that appears frequently. He simply charges forward, and trample everything on his path;
  • Ms Samba: a dancer zombie with buttocks replacing most of her body parts. She dances when attacking… or at least, she thinks she does;
  • Hui Guo Long: a patched-up zombies, carried by other zombies. Be careful: his flame attack can scorch everything it comes into contact with in a second;
  • Sumo Wrestler #1 and #2: mechas that trample their foes with sumo steps. The red one is said to be much stronger than the white one.

Wondering what the game is like? Here’s the reveal trailer:

Finally, here’s various pictures from the official website:

Boost Beast will be released on July 20th worldwide, and will cost $9.99 / 9.99€. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!



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