BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: details on the various game modes + Famitsu DX Packs

Like all fighting games worth their salt (especially those sold at full price), BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle features various game modes, and it’s those very game modes Arc System Works chose to detail today.

Here’s those found in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle:

  • Episode Mode: basically, the story mode. Takes place in the “Phantom Field”, and tells a cross-over story between the 4 universes (BlazBlue CentralFiction, Persona 4 Arena, RWBY, and Under Night In-Birth);
  • Tactics Mode: a training mode that allows you to learn how to control each character;
  • Survival Mode: your standard Survival Mode, where you need to defeat enemies one after the other until your run out of HP;
  • Training Mode: a training mode where you can learn how to play;
  • Gallery mode: a place where you can check out various illustrations;
  • Replay Theatre: a place where you can check out battle footage you recorded.

Here’s some screenshots showcasing each one of those game modes, but also the key visual:

But that’s not all: Famitsu has announced that the game was getting some Famitsu DX Packs in Japan:

  • Limited Box Famitsu DX Pack (13 824 Yen)
  • Limited Box Famitsu DX Pack 3D Crystal Set (17 604 Yen)
  • Famitsu DX Pack (9 504 Yen)
  • Famitsu DX Pack 3D Crystal Set (13 284 Yen)

Basically, it’s both editions of the game but with some extras. The extras are as follows:

  • [Famitsu DX Pack] “BLAZBLUE” x “Persona 4” Crossover B2 Tapestry “Noel = Vermilion” (by Shigenori Soejima)
  • [Famitsu DX Pack] CROSS TAG BATTLE t-shirt
  • [Famitsu DX Pack] Original Micro-Fiber Cloth
  • [3D Crystal Set] 3D Crystal “Noel = Vermilion” + stand (with lights)

We don’t have a picture of the other goodies yet, but here’s what the tapestry looks like:

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (Switch) comes out on May 31st in Japan, and June 5th in North America.

Source: Gamer / Famitsu



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