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Astria Ascending (Switch): Software updates (latest: Ver. 1.0.123)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various Software updates for Astria Ascending on Nintendo Switch (originally released on September 30th 2021 in Europe and North America, and October 7th in Japan)!

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Astria Ascending – Ver. 1.0.123

  • Release date: January 26th 2022 (North America, Europe) / January 27th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fix “Completionist” achievement.
  • Fix “Heart of magic” achievement.Fix hunt related achievements.
  • Fix item related achievements (retroactive unlock).
  • Fix quest related achievements.Fix steam achievement pop-up not appearing until you exited the game.
  • Retroactively fix “Level 100 reached” achievement.
  • Add battle victory Foley.
  • Add cancel SFX upon abandoning target/skill selection.
  • Add cursor SFX on quantity change in shops.
  • Add missing cursor sound on cosmo break selection action in fight.
  • Add missing cursor sound when moving the cursor on J-STER board.
  • Add SFX crate_slide_off on statue + Scorpio crate.
  • PC 1.0.107 → 1.0.1232Add SFX on certain character animations in battle.
  • Add SFX to free_explorer.Add SFX to monster bait.
  • Add SFX when selecting node stat type.
  • Add SFX to wolf’s Omni fire.
  • Fix “wall_to_run” SFX being played while navigating between rooms.
  • Fix Aerima SFX not playing on item_051.
  • Fix audio occlusion issue in Virgo temple.
  • Fix cut out sound on voices in cutscenes.
  • Fix double greeting voice on Meryo item seller.
  • Fix double music when resuming the intro.
  • Fix duplicate cursor sounds playing in J-STER.
  • Fix issue that caused the background music to stop working when loading asave game under specific circumstances.
  • Fix issue when placing a statue before a block of ice; pushing the block with thewind power-ring wouldn’t activate the sliding sound.
  • Fix issues with footsteps playback in cutscenes.
  • Fix male voice on female coliseum NPC.
  • Fix missing SFX on MP received.
  • Fix missing sound during Aries fight.
  • Fix missing train sound from orchard to other Harmonia locations.
  • Fix music suddenly stopping in the Peyska spring incident scene 7 cutscene.
  • Fix music/sounds lag when alt tabbing in battle.
  • Fix NPC voices in upper Harmonia.
  • Fix overlapping musics in Leo temple (coliseum & battle).
  • Fix rain ambience being heard in Leo temple’s prayer room.
  • Fix rain at -127db in earth road / Capricorn & Taurus temple.
  • Fix resurrect/resurrected voices.
  • Fix reverb issue in a cutscene.
  • Fix SFX enemy_resist being played when the enemy gets killed.
  • Fix SFX not playing on Aerus crystal.
  • Fix sound glitch with united town BGM’s loop.
  • Fix sound on some monster’s apparition.
  • Fix start screen SFXs.
  • Fix validation sound played erroneously in the equipment screen.
  • Fix voice-over missing when replaying cutscenes from the journal after switchinglanguage.
  • Fix wind loop ring.
  • Fix music played in battle during Arpajo’s dark knight quest.
  • Removed music from a cutscene.
  • Update bullet SFX in SHMUP.Update city NPC voice.
  • Update ring SFX.
  • Update SFX on invalid selection in equipment.
  • Add a visual blocker in Aries’ temple; conditional to chapter 12.
  • Added a new spawn point to ancient wasteland; set after SHMUP sequence.
  • Correction of dungeon maps and update of chests.
  • Fix an issue in Capricorn’s temple which you could leave you stuck if you had leftthe area or reloaded your save game after activating switch without solving thepuzzle.
  • Fix an issue in Gemini temple.Fix an issue in Scorpio temple.
  • Fix autosave trigger overriding position and level when loading a save in Geminior other levels.
  • Fix bug with traps.
  • Fix cases where slashing animation could appear delayed.
  • Fix free explorer monster vanishing.
  • Fix Gemini temple puzzle getting you stuck sometimes.
  • Fix issues with player respawn.
  • Fix noises in archipelago move while the game is paused.
  • Fix Scorpio map not being available.
  • Fix swamp camera focus delay.
  • Fix tower dungeon map.
  • Fix water issue in some rooms.
  • Remove quest chest from Pisces completion.
  • Ulan animation updated in exploration.
  • Change number of side quests from 42 to 44.
  • Fix Arktan mages being transformed and blocking the game.
  • Fix bosses getting an extra turn when changing stance while under the effect ofpoison.
  • Fix bug HP/MP accessories in stats calculation.
  • Fix enemy effects from previous battles lingering into other fights.
  • Fix enemy from hunt 15 not receiving any damage.
  • Fix stat star node in black mage’s ascension tree doesn’t unlock properly.
  • Fix Triple slash / Omni triple slash kill registers 3 times.
  • Fix Wushu’s “gate of heaven” repeatedly takes Eko’s HP in one turn.
  • Fixed quest “the legendary blacksmith”: talking to Cyrah after finishing the gamewouldn’t validate the first objective.
  • Fixed the battle arena challenge #8 where Lums and SP rewards were reversed.
  • Fixed the drop rate of the side quest item “molten core” from Picrites (it wasweather-based and never dropped).
  • Forcerima being incorrectly flagged as AoE; it is now single target as intended.
  • Reduced level required to learn some summon skills for Mig, Anun and Shala.
  • The following skills were not working as intended and have been corrected:
  • Prevention (white mage)
  • Rejuvenate (white mage)
  • Updated characters stats (slight increase of some stats like STR or MAG).
  • Using guardian transfer ability twice would set MP to 0
General issues
  • Fix a case where vibrations could be triggered by loading a save game
  • Fix accessory quantity decreasing to -1 when selling the one from a lockedcharacter.
  • Fix Alasia’s Ophiuchus summon not unlocking correctly.
  • Fix an issue that allowed you to a character’s accessory if it was equipped in twoslot.
  • Fix an issue with autosave.Fix arena NPC disappearing between J-STER challenges.
  • Fix issue where controller vibration could stay active when going through aloading screen.
  • Fix issue with controllers not responding when multiple devices were detected.
  • Fix issue with side quest objectives requiring the player to talk to Cyrah inWindam during post-game (the hunt menu would open instead).
  • Fix quest items not being received when [item gain] is turned off.
  • Fix soft-lock when opening menu and map at the same time.Retroactively reward missing boss tokens.
  • Reordered monsters in the journal and adjusted displayed numbers so theyrange from 001 to 264.
  • Fix a visual glitch in the J-STER token selection.
  • Fix accessories equipped by Zimar not displaying properly in the equipmentscreen.
  • Fix archipelago’s dungeon map.
  • Fix Arpajo dark knight kneel glitch in menu.
  • Fix blurry text on dungeon maps.Fix button overlap in the navigation footer when exiting the party menu bypressing start.
  • Fix buttons display moving when notifications are displayed.
  • Fix cannot quit J-STER game even when cancel button instruction is displayedat the bottom of the screen.
  • Fix case where the game timer could reach negative values (existing saves willbe automatically adjusted upon loading).
  • Fix empty token selection when when changing tab.
  • Fix explorer’s weapons not showing up in journal.
  • Fix incorrect timing on notifications.
  • Fix keyboard pixel mode using the incorrect input icon.
  • Fix map logs in journal.
  • Fix missing token amount from trading.
  • Fix Mygmy hunt portrait.
  • Fix Nahei’s missing name when interacted to in Taurus temple.
  • Fix rank 5 token selection.Fix scrolling list movement when adding/removing FP.
  • Fix selection in settings menu not looping.
  • Fix side quests counter.Fix skill tree stat node selection text going out of screen / being misplaced.Fix skipped category when scrolling backward in journal menu.Fix snapshots in menu.
  • Fix start screen confirm text.
  • Fix sub menus vanishing (in-game menu).
  • Fix UI selection issue when cancelling skill target selection.
  • Fix wrong monster numbers in the journal menu.
  • Fix wrong opponent displayed in the J-STER arena.
  • Fixed order and location of some bosses and hunts in the journal.
  • Reordered the list of summons and all their skills in the battle menu so there issome logic to it (summons by element, skills by type, power and number oftargets).
  • Skill list now support mouse scrolling via the slider.
  • Text quality has been increased to be readable on both low-end and high-endresolutions.
  • Update monsters log id (starts at 1 instead of 0).
  • Update weapons icons.
  • Corrected a line of Kress, replaced “ascension” by “transcendence” in the entext to match the voice.
  • Corrected the load save/loaded text in Spanish from “¡partida guardada!” To”¡partida cargada!”.
  • Fix overlapping text (FP cost) in the ability screen [German].
  • Fix start screen localization.
  • Texts have been updated.
  • Add resolution options to game settings.
  • Fix application performances issues when VSync is off.
  • Fix black screen occurring after entering the swamps.
  • Fix game freezes when you click on second monitor in combat only.
  • Fix issue that would break animation and VFX playback in battles.
  • Fix soft lock when saving progress in the Arktan valley quest while in Arktanvalley.
  • Fix unresponsive game after defeating Seryn.
  • Add missing feedback (SFX/VFX) when token transform is successful.
  • Adjust text spacing globally.
  • Dark mage bounding box on stance 1 adjusted.
  • Fix dark shadow on Scorpio chests.
  • Fix dd box size.Fix free explorer’s death animation.
  • Fix version number at title screen defaulting to 0 when changing language.
  • Fix Alasia vanishing too late in a cutscene.
  • Fix Virgo skill consume without feedback animation.
  • Kaydin cs idle explorer in menu polished.
  • Kaydin fight idle explorer polished.Updated fight animations for all characters.
  • VFX update – fix Ophiuchus.
  • Withering VFX now only plays on the target.

Astria Ascending – Ver. 1.0.107

  • Release date: November 12th 2021 (North America, Europe) / November 13th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Added / improved
  • An option added to change the resolution of the game and the possibility to put the game in window mode
  • Decrease of the escape success rate
  • Possibility to hide the mouse cursor while using gamepad
  • Added a trap to prevent inifinite falling in Sagittarius Temple
  • Collision added at the end of the dungeon in the Virgo Temple and active display adjusted
  • Increase XP output when playing on Hard mode
  • Cursor visibility now hidden when using controller


  • Fixed the Monsters order in the journal
  • Fixed the Monsters IDs in the journal (ROUGE)
  • Fixed the monster’s name of the Hunt 15
  • Fixed equipment bonus stats (percent instead of value) (ROUGE)
  • Fixed the Hunt 20 difficulty
  • Fixed the fight loop when fleeing from hunt 16, 17 and 19
  • Fixed the Hunt 19 (being immune to WEAK)
  • Fixed the issue with the Wandering Merchant’s name/position in the shop
  • Fixed achievements “Star-Crossed Lovers” (Aries Chapter 11), “The World After” (finishing the game) and reduced difficulty of the shmup score achievement
  • Fixed the issue of being able to play J-Ster before getting the tutorial
  • Fixed the clouds disabled in towns
  • Fixed off-camera collision
  • Fixed the side quest Motivation Sought that puts you into an infinite loop
  • Fixed the issue of using a charged water stockage with a charged water ring makes lose your charge
  • Fixed the Smoke VFX in Vetira
  • Fixed the clouds that weren’t appearing properly in Ranta
  • Fixed the issue of the Eko Wushu’s weapon not updating in the menu
  • Fixed the duplicate Guild in Arsion
  • Fixed the spelling mistakes in hunts descriptions
  • Fixed the side quest “Weakness of the Noises” that couldn’t be completed in some cases
  • Reordered some monsters in the Journal that were incorrectly displayed at the beginning of the list, and corrected the displayed location of some of them
  • Fixed the HP Spend which don’t work when cast by a summon
  • Fixed fleeing position The player will not be blocked when spawning after fleeing the Hunts 3, 4, 9, 12 and 14.
  • Fixed a J-Ster trigger in Zeft Heights (activated it at chapter 14 instead of 2)
  • Fixed the “Accumulate” Loop on Hunt 8
  • Fixed the bug with system language set in turkish
  • Fixed job entries in journal
  • Fixed missing sounds on monsters
  • Fixed graphic bug in Dagmar’s cutscene
  • Fixed the target of a summon’s skill : the summon skill “Courage” could only be cast on the enemy instead of the summon
  • Fixed the skill “Gate of Heaven” which was not working as intended
  • Fixed balancing of several enemies
  • Fixed the water ring position in the Scorpio Temple
  • Fixed Missing Token (168 / 169 / 166) loot on Wilkyte, Wilkyte the Mediator & Chimera bosses
  • Fixed the side quests counter in the game settings (since the removal of Aries Temple part 2 as a side quest, the number was wrong)
  • Fixed a bug in Taurus map (hunt appearing from rift)
  • Fixed a missing dialog for Belza during the quest “The Dark Spirit”
  • Fixed possibility to do Aries temple before objective “go to Dagmar house”
  • Fixed ach skill/status values
  • Fixed the bug of the spider web bridge reappearing in the Taurus temple
  • Fixed feedback with quest dialogs
  • Fixed enemies reappearing in air road
  • Fixed the calcul of gears stats
  • Skill restore mp is now only available in battle
  • Fixed analyse reseting monster log details
  • Fixed the missing quest achievements
  • Fixed achivements for the J-STER
  • Fixed physic on create scorpio
  • Fixed time rift bait ability
  • Added various other minor fixes

How to download updates for Astria Ascending for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Astria Ascending, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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