Astria Ascending: gameplay videos (#3 Advanced combat & Astrae)

In the weeks leading to the release of Astria Ascending (at the end of the month in Europe and North America), Dear Villagers and Artisan Studios are planning to share some gameplay videos showcasing the game and its various elements.

The first video is all about the battle system, and more precisely the basics:

We are on the last stretch before the release of Astria Ascending. This is the opportunity to show you the basic battle mechanics that will punctuate your exploration in the game. Demigods Ascend!

The second video is about Characters customization & Jobs:

It’s time to discover how to make your experience unique with the characters customization & jobs.

The third video is about Advanced combat & Astrae:

Only 3 days left before the launch of Astria Ascending. It’s time to discover the different advanced combat & the mysterious Astrae.

Upcoming videos will be added to this post as soon as they’re available!

Astria Ascending (Switch) comes out on September 30th in Europe and North America, and October 7th in Japan.


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