Hypercharge Unboxed (Switch): Software updates (latest: Major Update 3)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the Software updates for Hypercharge Unboxed on Nintendo Switch (originally released on January 31st 2020 in Europe and North America).

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Hypercharge Unboxed – Ver. ??? (Major Update 3)

  • Release date: March 4th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
New Content & Improvements
  • Added player Bots to Cooperative Waves mode and Deathmatch
  • Added Third-Person Camera Modes (with multiple configurations in Options > Controls)
  • All maps have an improved balance for Single-Player
  • Improved weapon sounds for all weapons – Better in PvP!
  • Improved overall player animations and movement to help the game feel better in Thirdperson.
  • Added option to set number of Bots and their Difficulty.
  • Added option to override the music in PvP.
  • Added option to override what team the Bots will join in PvP.
  • Added more game rules to allow choosing starting attachments and changing the weapons that spawn in the map in PvP!
  • Added many new particles FX to spice up telling apart game-actors from the world.
  • Improved performance in many areas from Particle FX to Nav Generation, Collision setup etc.
  • Improved visuals and added new FX on many enemies (Zombies, Jets, Choppers, CargoPlanes, Tanks and more)
  • Added player landing particles.
  • Added it so the Scope has a lens and scope-like crosshair.
  • Added new bullet impact sounds and FX for more materials.
  • Added default spawn weapon and attachment types for different weapon sets (Snipers Only = Gives Scope)
  • Added build tool particle FX.
  • Added AddBot and RemoveBot commands to game.
  • Added Shield Depleted and Recharge sounds.
  • Added Power node cable electricity.
  • Added brass ejection particle to weapons.
  • Added it so Max Ammo now says the word HYPERCORE and POWERNODE in the colour of the core or node being damaged.
  • Added crosshair to build mode.
  • Added new spectator mode for PvP – Track the player who killed you for a few seconds until respawn.
  • Improved lighting and atmospherics on a few maps (Garage, Kitchen and more)
  • Improved jump-pads timing and velocity calculations.
  • Improved the prompt highlight to now be context based. Will find and attach what you pointed at, and the player will comment on that actor. (Enemy, Pickup or Core etc)
  • Improved Spinners with colored explosions.
    Improved VFX for better gameplay experience (e.g. Powernodes show electricity & radar, Jumppads have indicator)
  • Improved VFX for all weapons (new BB bullet casings, muzzle flashes)
  • Improved damage indication for NPCs (e.g. damage stages for tanks etc.)
  • Improved VFX and feedback for NPCs (e.g. Experiments)
  • Improved gameplay for weapons
  • Improved VFX for weapons
  • Improved SFX attachment levels for weapons
Various Fixes and Changes
  • Added new optimised emitter system for impact particles.
  • Added proper fallback fonts for other languages.
  • Changed colour of Attachment Pickups to be different from Weapon Pickups.
  • Fixed Car collision in Garage map.
  • Fixed collision of turret base to allow walking inbetween turrets around a core.
  • Fixed many Navigation Mesh bugs for many maps (and created a few new ones)
  • Fixed crashing issue related to physics cleanup.
  • Fixed crashing issues during server travel back to lobby.
  • Fixed broken muzzle flashes on other players.
  • Fixed build spots in Garden.
  • Fixed Glider Planes dive-bombing the ground after spawn.
  • Fixed Chungus getting stuck in many areas.
  • Fixed missing PowerNode cables in maps.
  • Fixed text issues and spelling mistakes in a few places.
  • Fixed traps, not counting to the stats properly in some types of kills.
  • Fixed batteries and other pickups being able to fall through world boundaries.
  • Fixed broken lighting in some areas of some maps.
  • Fixed build tool showing in PvP on players.
  • Fixed dropped weapons and attachments, not being cleaned up in the world.
  • Fixed jump-pads affecting some enemies that it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed turrets targeting some enemies that they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed minigun holding angle in thirdperson.
  • Fixed a few sound distance issues in the world.
  • Fixed players able to spawn inside a newly placed Turret and getting stuck.
  • Fixed many navfixes and improvements for Tutorial map.
  • Fixed weapon ‘beams’ showing incorrectly when you can’t pick up a dropped weapon.
  • Fixed PvP spawning non-PvP pickups sometimes.
  • Fixed for missing or broken materials in a few levels.
  • Fixed voice commands kicking players out of servers.
  • Fixed banner material in Hallway_Hard
  • Fixed bathroom ghost spinner.
  • Fixed grenade launcher particle offset.
  • Fixed missing zomibe animations.
  • Fixed enemies ignoring their target core if something minor interrupts their pathfinding.
  • Fixed microwave collision
  • Fixed issues with losing focus on main menu.
  • Fixed delay on credits page world hiding FX.
  • Fixed music track lists.
  • Fixed mouse click-focus issues for loadout menu.
  • Fixed AI issues regarding finding valid pathing and cores (meatbag and chungus fixes).
  • Fixed minigun muzzle particle spinning.
  • Fixed pickup highlighting when changing weapons and spawning.
  • Fixed strange finger pose that everyone keeps mentioning.
  • Fixed stuck zombies on attic in some areas.
  • Fixed a few stuck areas in KidsBedroom
  • Fix for impact particles copying the scale of what they are attached to.
  • Fixed build spot emitters colour not updating after spawn.
  • Improved time required holding USE to pick up a pickup (in PvP).
  • Fixed weapon pickup highlight beams showing for weapons you cant pick up.
  • Optimised Navigation Mesh generation time in all levels.
  • Optimised Collision Initialization time in all levels. (Removing skybox collisions)
  • Improved spectator input movement and rotation.
  • Fixed Menu crash in rare instance.
  • Improvements for bootstraper on Windows.
  • Build tool gives credits to player when destroying a Bots buildable.
  • Improved Game Rules system to cache values to improve lookup performance.
  • Many balance changes to weapons, enemies and wave-spawns.

Hypercharge Unboxed – Ver. ??? (Major Update 2)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
  • Added new Female Character type (Valkyrie)
  • Added new supporter pack Female Character type (Roadwarrior) for those who purchase (OR already purchased!) the Supporter Pack DLC
  • Added new Female Character voice lines for new types
  • Added new Customisation idle animations for some characters.
  • Improvements to UI sounds and navigation
  • Improvements to UI usability and mouse click interaction in many UI pages
  • Improvements to various NPC particles when firing
  • Changed “Operation Alley” entire Wave flow and progression
  • Changed “Dawn of the Toys” wave progression and flow and is now first and Default map
  • Changed “Garden of Evil” wave progression, balancing, teleports, jumppads, batteries and credits
  • Changed “Garden of Evil” map flow on PvP with more jumppads and teleports in far-away areas
  • Changed how some character skins & materials are unlocked. More are unlocked by default and Female skins/heads are unlockable in their place on the previous levels
  • Changed repetitiveness of some Max Ammo lines to make them less common
  • Changed damage of Flamethrower in PvP to be closer to other weapons in DPS
  • Changed balance of Soldier shot-gunners
  • Fixed some issues with missing buildables when players join a game late
  • Fixed some areas that cause Glider Planes to crash before entering the map
  • Fixed many Player & NPC stuck-spots
  • Fixed some issues with Player movement in low FPS scenarios
  • Fixed some issues with Meanbots running on the spot but not moving
  • Fixed many navigation mesh issues around various levels
  • Fixed some impact camera shakes being too strong
  • Fixed many localization issues with English language, everything from colour formatting, to matching common phrases and consistent use of ellipses, lots of capitalization changes.
  • Many more quality of life improvements and fixes that we forgot to mention!

Hypercharge Unboxed – Ver. ??? (Major Update 1)

  • Release date: March 23rd 2020 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Added a method to defuse exploding Spinners and Meanbots; they will no longer explode when killed by fire damage.
  • The power consumption of most turrets has been reduced; heavy power-consumers now eat up far less power.
  • Vine traps apply a damage over time effect to enemies, rather than dealing damage instantly.
  • Health and ammo pickups are now instantly collected in PvP.
  • Adjusted the item pickup delay time for most player actions in the game.
  • Hypercores take slightly less damage in Singleplayer.
  • Huge overhaul of entire networking system to improve performance, flow and priority of all actors in the world.
  • Huge improvements to performance for both player hosted and dedicated servers.
  • Game now uses up to 60% less bandwidth in some scenarios.
  • Fixed Build Spots incorrectly networking and not allowing some players to build.
  • Fixed issues with Batteries/Battery power de-sync.
  • Fixed issues with Core Health/Shield not updating fast enough to all clients.
  • Fixed issues with de-synced Buildables (invisible on some players’ machines)
  • Fixed map placed buildables state being de-synced for late-joining players.
  • Fixed some pickup-spawners/collectibles being broken on some servers.
  • Fixed issues with buildable health values being out of sync on server and client.
  • Fixed chat box appearing when no message was output.
  • Server browser fix to not allow joining full servers.
  • Fixed batteries sometimes having an energy bar while plugged into power node.
  • Fixed thrown batteries sometimes de-syncing position for some players.
  • Fixed battery charger networking and charging system.
  • Fixed battery charger not giving the “Batteries Charged” stat to players.
  • Fix for plague servers not starting until enough players are in (on official servers)
  • Fixed stat medals not counting towards lower medals (Platinum now counts towards gold for example)
  • Fix for some score counting issues on dedicated servers (visual UI ordering issues)
  • Fixed VSync not applying when pressing Apply in the Options > Video menu.
  • Fixed the incorrect state of View Distance Quality in the options menu.
  • Fixed Camera Shake not applying to some shake instances in the engine.
  • Fixed Weapon Sway/Camera Shake not applying to the player leaning.
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to repair a buildable on a client machine.
  • Fixed map stat showing unlockables for locked difficulties.
  • Fixed NPC soliders and choppers not firing at players when running on a dedicated server.
  • Fixed players getting locked out of being able to jump when a networking collision bug occurs with jump pads.
  • Fixed AOE turrets not cleaning up their particles on death.
  • Fixed input rebinding system to allow overriding of default keys.
  • Fixed invalid steam detection crashing for some users when steam failed to initialize.
  • Fixed coins not showing up in the realtime reflection mirror.
  • Fixed map selection unlocks only showing if there is something to unlock.
  • Fixed many stuck-spots in Attic, Garage, Garden, KidsBedroom and ToyPalace.
  • Fixed DLC characters, LOD issues and missing damage flash FX.
  • Added the ability to pause the game for Singleplayer or local-Splitscreen games.
  • Added damage flash to all buildables, traps and turrets.
  • Added a highlight notifier to dropped weapons and attachments to make them much easier to find in the world.
  • Adjusted the minimum framerate system to help reduce stuttering and dynamically lowering of graphics during intense scenes.
  • Adjusted targeting so NPCs no longer always aim for players heads.
  • Adjusted turret enemy priority to be based on core/node distance instead of distance to the turret itself.
  • Adjusted the Machine Gun turrets targeting to avoid the turrets attempting to shoot at enemies behind walls.
  • Lowered brightness of the spotlight turrets.
  • Added additional FPS limit options to Performance menu.
  • List of changes:
  • adds Tutorial
  • adds Stats Page
  • adds Party Game modes
  • adds Gyro Options
  • offers Improved Vaulting

How to download updates for Hypercharge Unboxed for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Hypercharge Unboxed, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.



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