Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.4.0 – All you need to know (Happy Homeroom, Shovelstrike Quarry, more)

As announced a few days ago, the latest Software update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released today. Wondering what’s in stoer for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.4.0? You’ve come to right place!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.4.0 – Happy Homeroom

This new update brings some more normal Happy Homeroom classes, up to 10-8!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.4.0 – Shovelstrike Quarry

This new update offers a welcome revamp for the Shovelstrike Quarry. For starters, the items you can collect there now changes every 12 hours (instead of 3 hours until now). You can also get more items per visit, and sparkle stones have been added to the list of items you can get (though they are said to be quite rare!).

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.4.0 – Event Materials

With previous events, any leftover seasonal event items were converted automatically to Bells. From now on, they will stay in your inventory even after the event has ended, and you will be able to sell them if you want… right from the inventory! That being said, do note that doing so during a seasonal event will not count against your progress towards seasonal event goals, so you can sell away without anything to worry about.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.4.0 – Inventory size, Map Icons, Other Updates

This update brings yet another inventory size increase. From now on, you can have up to 4 000 pieces of furniture and clothing (up from 3 000).

Also, the map icons for some of the maps in Blather’s Treasure Trek have been updated:

Finally, this update brings the following two changes:

  • measures to fix the issue with the game crashing frequently on some devices
  • other display changes.

As usual, keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates page to stay up to date with all that’s happening in the game!

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